Thursday, June 13, 2013

Father's Day Gift Guide: Give Him the English Shaving Experience with Somersets!

Give Your Dad the English Shaving Experience this Father's Day!

Somersets Grooming for Men has been giving men in 18 countries the closest shaves and healthiest skin since 1991 and now it's available Stateside (just in time for Father's Day)! Somersets Grooming for Men provides everything a man needs to care for his face! Treat the guys (and their skin) to Somersets Shaving Oils, Shaving Gels, and Pre- & After- Shave products. Unlike chemical foams and soaps, Somersets products are formulated with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils such as Lavender, Tea Tree and Rosemary. Somersets products do not contain any chemicals that can harm the skin or the environment.{Product was sent for me to test out on all my male relatives and they loved it all!}

Somersets Shaving Oils help to create a lubricating barrier between the skin and the razor, giving more glide for a comfortable shave with no mess. And you can even use them without water!

Somersets Shaving Gels contain a blend of plant extracts {like French seaweed algae and aloe vera}, along with essential oils to protect the skin and help reduce razor bumps.

Somersets also has a range of pre- and after- shave products to help prepare facial hair for shaving and also condition the skin, as well as help to restore skin's natural balance after shaving.

Somersets Original Shave Oil (MSRP $14.99) - {This one went to my hubby and he loves the close shave it provides, as well as the fact that it is perfect for when he needs a shave, but is short on time}. This cooling moisturizing oil will lubricate the skin for an extra close shave and the soap-free formula won't dry his skin. 

Somersets Max Glide Sensitive Shave Gel (MSRP $7.99) - {This one went to my dad, who says that I've spoiled him from being able to use his previous shaving accoutrements}. Specially formulated for sensitive skin, this gel contains hyaluronic acid moisturizes skin and essential oils to help prevent irritation. 

Somersets After Shave Moist (MSRP $7.99) - {This also went to my dad!} Shea butter, bisabolol, and hyaluronic acid work together to rehydrate skin after shaving and protect skin from the drying effects of UVA/UVB rays.

Somersets After Shave Balm (MSRP $7.99) - {My hubby got first dibs on all the products I was sent, and this was his top pick}. Chilean rosehip seed oil, aloe vera, and chamomile combine to create a balm that helps to heal skin and soothe razor burn after shaving, while glycerin delivers extra moisture and a smooth finish. It's also fast absorbing so it doesn't leave a greasy residue!

Somersets Purify Face Scrub (MSRP $7.99) - {My dad scooped this one up; he says it's makes a huge difference in the appearance of his skin!} Organic jojoba beads and chamomile gently exfoliate to remove dead, dry skin cells. It also contains a unique blend of vitamins {B5, C, and E} to leave skin feeling calm and smooth. 

Somersets Frothy Face Wash (MSRP $7.99) - {This one went to my brother, who has also been very pleased with the benefits of having a beauty blogger sisiter!} Witch Hazel and salicylic acid clear away dirt and excess oils that can cause blemishes or black heads. It thoroughly cleanses and refreshes, leaving the skin clean and clear. 

Somersets Max Glide Original Shave Gel (MSRP $7.99) - {I'm not gonna lie... this one I saved for me and my legs and it has added a day in between my shaving sessions and my legs are so soft and smooth afterwards!} You won't get that tight dry feeling other gels & foams leave. French seaweed algae, Aloe Vera and 100% natural oils help to protect the skin and help reduce razor bumps.

So Somersets really has something for everybody {even me}! You can find these, and other Somersets products at drugstore.com and Walgreens! Until next time...

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  1. This is a cute suggestion! It's not exactly the typical gift-usually it's cologne or a tie!



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