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My Current AM Skincare Routine

AM Skincare Routine

I'll start by disclosing that other than the occasional acne flare up and oily/combination skin, I don't really have any particular skin issues. At this point in my life, I guess I'm trying to be preventative as far as aging and wrinkles, and I wouldn't be mad if my skin tone was more even and my pores were smaller. I’m thinking about trying a few Dr. Hauschka products in the very near future. But other than that, I'm pretty easy! 

Besides being a bonafide product junkie and buying A LOT of skin care on my own dime, I have the pleasure of receiving great {and occasionally, not so great} products to review. For the most part my review process goes something like this: I have a base set of products that I know work for me-in between testing, I go back to those for about a week or so, in order to regulate my skin {if necessary} and give me a fair starting point. I try to test products for at least two weeks, but I prefer to try them for a month before moving on to something else. So the products in this post have been tried and tested for the past month. Here's what I thought of them individually: 

B. Kamins Vegetable Cleanser (MSRP $34 for 6 fl. oz)- is an all-in-one cleanser and makeup remover. is the company’s most coveted skin savior and a favorite of B.Kamins fans. It doesn’t have many foaming agents, so it doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry, irritated or “squeaky” clean, but it definitely gets the job done! I put about two pumps on my Clarisonic Mia and work it all around my face and neck. There's no lather, but my face feels clean, soft, and refreshed when I rinse it off {and sometimes I see telltale signs of makeup remnants on the Clarisonic brush afterwards} so I know that it really does work. The interesting thing about this cleanser is that it can also be used to shave! According to Ms. Liga Upeslacis, from B. Kamins R&D Team, the cleanser has "conditioning surfactants that are skin soothing and smoothing along with vegetable-based compounds including soy, which allow the product to easily glide on (and off) the skin. In the case of shaving, this cleanser can grab hair, but has enough slip to remove it with a razor." I'm a sucker for multipurpose products, so best believe this will be making an appearance in my shower soon so that I can put it to the test!

Yonka Paris Lotion Yon-ka Dry Skin Toner (MSRP $41) - This was sort of love at first sight for me- I mean, it's pink and it's Parisian! Plus the packaging is so luxe: it's in a heavy, frosted glass spray bottle that just makes my bathroom sink look better by its mere presence. So I may be a little biased. That being said, I'll also admit that I was also a bit skeptical about how it would work for me, since I don't exactly have dry skin. But I have to admit that I am quite pleased with this toner. Unlike a lot of toners that I've come across, that leave my skin feeling stretched, dry and itchy-this left my skin feeling nice and refreshed. Another plus: I've been trying to be mindful of extending my skincare routine down to include my neck and decolletage as well, and the fact that this toner is in a spray bottle helps to reinforce the habit for me. I can already see a difference in the quality of the skin on my neck and chest! {BTW: Martha Stewart is a fan of Yonka Paris products and she looks FANTASTIC for her age {no offense} so...}

Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40 (MSRP $32 for 2 fl. oz) - I'm not gonna bore you lovelies by professing my love for all that is Josie Maran {and argan oil} again, but this is my latest favorite from the brand. It's lightweight, has excellent SPF coverage, and is the perfect base for makeup application. 

Yonka Paris Phyto Contour for Eyes (MSRP $54) - formulated to freshen up undereye fatigue; this rich, thick, aromatic cream {it contains rosemary extract} reduces fluid buildup around the eyes that causes darkness and puffiness while smoothing out lines and wrinkles. The first time I used it, I was immediately struck by the smell {like mentholatum/vaporub}. It has sort of an intense tingling/cooling sensation upon application, I can totally see how it would help with regular puffiness and dark circles. The cream is really thick but absorbs fairly well, just make sure not to put a lot on your fingers. After it soaks in, eyes do feel deflated almost instantly. I'll keep in my stash for rare occasions I do suffer from puffiness and as an extra special treatment for special events etc.

Own Firming Silk Concentrate (MSRP $24.99) - This is one of the preventative steps that I'm trying to incorporate in my skin care routine {I mean, who doesn't want firmer skin?}. I can't really attest to its effectiveness yet {because I don't think my skin was really sagging prior to using it}, but I can say that it doesn't make me feel greasy when I mix a few drops in with my moisturizer and it hasn't caused me to break out, so I will continue to use it and hope that my skin...stays the same? For those of you that are looking for visible proof, this is what the brand has to say about the product: Visibly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles for more vibrant skin. The naturally derived and patented CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) formula in Own Anti-Aging Firming Silk Concentrate works with your body to treat all three layers of skin through a power-packed serum that’s proven to absorb easily without leaving a residue. Own Firming Silk Concentrate works with your own body’s chemistry to reactivate healthy processes and rebuild the skin’s structures for brighter, taut, and genuinely younger-looking skin. Sounds good to me {plus it's uber affordable at just $25}!

B. Kamins Vegetable Cleanser, Yonka Paris Dry Skin Toner, Own Renewing Firming Silk Concentrate, and Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Anti-Radical Age Defense Moisture Veil

I've also been using Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Anti-Radical Age Defense Moisture Veil (MSRP $78) as my moisturizer on days that I know I'll be inside all day, or at night {when I manage to make it to the bathroom to wash my face, instead of relying on cleansing cloths, exfoliating pads, and my beloved Radical Skincare Anti-Aging Restorative Moisture Creme (MSRP $150) {I'm just realizing I've been using {and loving} quite a few anti aging products as of late...} that live on my nightstand so that I don't have an excuse for going to bed without "washing" my face}. It's super lightweight, but has a lot of science behind it: this revolutionary moisturizer is a must for defending your skin against the ravages of time. The total skin defense system combines the newest and most powerful anti-radical protection with skin compatible lipids to restore your natural moisture barrier, the first line of defense against aging. It targets all three types of free radicals while protecting cellular DNA. Once again, all good stuff and time will truly tell how effective all of this is. 
I can tell you that I am happy with this routine, and am a bit sad to see it go {but I do have to move on to new products}. I guess the best way for me to articulate my real feelings about all of these is to say that they will stay in my stash for future use, instead of being passed on to loved ones {which is what I do with products that don't hit it out of the park with me}. My skin has been consistently clear {save for the occasional, hormone induced breakout}, and I've noticed that makeup sits on my skin a lot better than it had been, that's something to be happy about! What does your current skincare routine consist of? Do you use the same products day and night? What are your tried and true skin savers/maintainers/preservers? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know! Until next time...


  1. I love Josie Maran products but have not tried the daily moisturizer yet. I've also started {recently} extending my skin care routine down to my neck area. I mean it says it on the bottle but I just never thought I needed to!Do you have oily skin? That toner looks interesting but I have oily skin + don't like to mess with the balance.

  2. My AM routine is simple: a facial cleansing cloth, sunscreen, and eye cream along with my usual makeup for the morning.

    My nighttime one still uses the eye cream but I use night cream and a cleanser gel and toner.


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