Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April Favorites: Mini Me Edition

I talk a lot about my youngest daughters {probably because they are at home with me ALL DAY!}, but I also have a 12 {going on 13 very soon} year old daughter named Peyton. She's beautiful, smart, thoughtful, and oh so creative! She loves to read, music, beauty, and fashion - so she may not look a bit like me, but in a lot of ways, she really is a "mini" me {I put mini in quotes because at this point she's actually taller than me}! I thought it would be fun to let her be more involved with the blog {in hopes that will quench her desire to be active on social media outlets that I think she is SOOOO not ready for} by doing book and product reviews when appropriate and sharing her monthly favorites.

And in her own words, this is why she made these selections:

1-C.O Bigelow Rose Salve {similar here} -This Rose Salve is so amazing, I've been using it non-stop all month. It smells great and feels great on my lips.

2-Pearl Earrings - I love pearls and wear them everyday. They're so simple, yet classic at the same time.

3-The Fault In Our Stars by John Green-This book is so far the best book I've ever read. It's about two teens suffering from cancer, who fall in love. I definitely recommend it to everyone.

4-Venice Dolce Berry - This is my favorite sent in Bath and Body Work's Let's Go To Italy summer collection. It smells delicious,just like berry's,which I'm quite a big fan of.

5-Cher Lloyd-Grow Up (Ft. Busta Rhymes) - I've been listening to this song non-stop. I love Cher Lloyd, and I really love this song. It's so fun and makes you want to sing along every time you hear it.

6-Essie Nail Polish in Fiji- When I saw this color in Ulta, while looking around with my mom, I instantly knew it was what I was looking for! I've been looking for the perfect baby pink color for a long time and have finally found it.

I personally think she made excellent picks; but I'll admit I may be a bit biased! What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! Until next time...

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  1. Venice Dolce Berry smells amazing. I'm loving the B&BW Italy collection too.


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