Monday, April 29, 2013

Tan Safely with Jergens Natural Glow Products

Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer and Firming Daily Moisturizer

I've been talking about Jergens Natural Glow products for a few months now, so I hope the fact that I'm sharing yet again expresses to you lovelies how much I enjoy the line! And quite honestly, the two latest products that I've had the chance to review-the Foaming Daily Moisturizer and the Firming Daily Moisturizer-are my absolute favorites from the line!

What makes these two such standouts for me? Well, I'll be honest, I'm sort of a sucker for nifty formulas, so the idea of a self tanning foam was a win from jump! But what really won me over, is the true ease of use that the formula provides, in addition to the fact the it's lightweight and silky and there is no odor. It's great for last minute application-I like to smooth it on my arms and legs straight out of the shower to add a little something extra to my appearance before going out. It soaks in so quickly and leaves my skin soft with a delicate and oh so natural looking glow.

I never really had any interest in self tanning before, but as a result of my weightloss/fitness journey, I've been paying extra special attention to many different facets of my appearance. As I feel better about myself, I want to look better, and I find that having that extra hint of color really does make a difference. But as I lose more weight, I have noticed that my skin is getting a little loosie goosie in certain areas, like my upper arms, chest, and thighs. While those aren't generally areas that are for public consumption, swimsuit season is swiftly approaching so the Firming Daily Moisturizer is perfect for tightening up those areas gradually so that they will be ready for display when it's time to go poolside!

Let's bottom line it here: over exposure to the sun is dangerous, regardless of your natural skin tone/complexion. And whether you're naturally pale or a brown girl like me, a tan can add a hint of healthy color to your appearance. Jergens Natural Glow products are the perfect way to get that boost of color without the damage that the sun and tanning beds cause (and with much less expense than spray tans). With so many different formulas, I have found that they truly have a product for whatever your tanning needs and for every level of experience. So give it a try! I promise, you'll thank me! Until next time...

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