Saturday, March 30, 2013

Clear Skin Like a Pretty Little Liar with Biore! (A Giveaway)

In the name of full disclosure, I was sent the Biore Acne Clearing Scrub to review and jumped at the chance to do so because it came with the opportunity to offer a few to some of you lovelies! So here goes...

Another confession: in all honesty, I've only used the scrub once: I felt a breakout coming on chin and so I used it in the shower the other evening. It has a slight {not unpleasant} medicinal scent, feels tingly and refreshing on the skin {like it's really penetrating your pours and delivering the Salicylic Acid where you need it}, and the scrubbing granules are not too rough on the skin {which is uber important  because scrubbing too hard can actually damage acne prone skin more than it helps}. Most importantly, the eminent breakout on my chin never made an appearance, so for me, that's proof positive that the Biore Acne Clearing Scrub is effective!

But since I've only used it the one time {so far}, I'm going to use the benefit of celebrity endorsement {via a press release} to get you all excited about this product, in the hopes that you will want to sign up to win {like we really need that much incentive to win free stuff}! So here goes...

Actors like Shay Mitchell know that after a long day on set wearing heavy makeup, you need to give your face a good scrub. The latest must-have that everyone is turning to is BiorĂ©® Acne Clearing Scrub! The breakthrough blemish-fighting formula targets the deep down dirt and oil that can cause acne without disturbing skin’s natural moisture balance.

photo credit: shaybigfan.tumblr.com

The last thing any actor needs is a breakout, and the exclusive combination of Skin Purifying Technology that deep cleans and Superfine Alumina Crystals that gently polish skin clears skin in the short term and promotes healthier, clear skin over time so skin stays clear and gorgeous. As an added benefit, the Acne Clearing Scrub’s intoxicating mandarin mint scent transforms your cleansing routine into a thoroughly indulgent and celeb-worthy experience.

So... there you have it! Lol. There are 3 scrubs up for grabs here and if you follow me on Instagram {as you should}, I'm giving two more away for my followers there! So enter via the Rafflecopter widget below! Until next time...

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