Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bath & Body Works + Matthew Robbins (A Press Release)

I generally don't just flat out post press releases, but I've already divulged my love for all things Bath & Body Works so I feel comfortable sharing this tidbit with you lovelies! I've always been obsessed with home fragrance and am a huge fan of BBW's Wallflowers and candles, so I was super intrigued by this information regarding their collaboration with celebrity event designer, Matthew Robbins. Combine that with my sudden (and inexplicable) preoccupation with Spring Cleaning-and I can honestly tell you, I can't wait to implement some of these tips myself! {I was not paid to share this information; I just thought you lovelies may find it interesting and helpful!}

This might be the most awesomest center piece I've ever seen!

Bath & Body Works partnered with celebrity event designer, Matthew Robbins, to create some fun spring d├ęcor ideas as well as provide a few tips and tricks. From setting a table for brunch to a casual get together with friends, the new Bath & Body Works White Barn Candle Collection and Accessories are sure to bring the scents and colors of spring into your home.

How festive, fun, and fragrant are these tips? Will you be utilizing some of them when you plan on having guests, or just to liven up your home and bring the Spring in? My inquiring mind wants to know! Follow me on Instagram to see how I use these ideas in my own home! Until next time...

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