Thursday, March 28, 2013

A CGC For the Mini Me's: CURLS Curly Q's Line

London and her glorious crown of curls! 

I love that I have 3 daughters-honestly I have no idea what I'd do with boys (but that's probably because I don't have them). I have to admit though, with 3 very different heads of hair to deal with (two of which are very, very curly), at times I envy mommies that have the comparably easy duty of grooming boys. 

Being the product junkie that I am, combined with the task of keeping all of us well coiffed, I am always on the lookout for that magical product (or better yet, line of products) that can suit the needs of more than one set of curls. Often times, I find products that work for me and Kenzie, but not Lo. Or we find the perfect concoction for London's coils, but it leaves Kenzie's hair heavy and lackluster. So I was super excited to try out more {I reviewed the Curlie Q Custard in a previous CGC} from CURLS line for kids, Curly Q's!

From left to right: Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream, Coconut Dream Moisturizing Conditioner, Moist Curls Moisturizer, and Curly Q Gel-les'c 

Collectively, this line was a hit with The Lil Bits, but there were definitely products that worked better for one  set of curls than the other. If you follow the most popular curl classification system, London is a 4a/b, while Kenzie is a 3a/b, so it's not surprising that products that work optimally for both girls are few and far between. In my opinion, the Curly Q's line as we sampled/reviewed, worked best on London's texture, but with some modifications it works for Kenzie's curls too.

Curly Q's Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream

I like that each product is labeled with a number to represent what order it should be used in (maybe some other curly girls can relate, but sometimes when confronted with a whole line of products, I'm at a complete loss as to what order I should be layering them). Both girls started with the Curlie Cutie Cleansing Cream (MSRP $12). The girls actually prefer the low sudsing formula-they were far less paranoid about getting soap in their eyes since there weren't as many bubbles, which made my job a lot easier. The creamy formula got their scalps and curls nice and clean, without leaving their hair dry or stringy feeling, so it gets an A from me!

Curly Q's Coconut Dream Moisturizing Conditioner

Step 2 was the Coconut Dream Moisturizing Conditioner (MSRP $14). Lo's curls tend to be more thirsty for moisture, so it served her better than Kenzie (this step was a little too much for her curls and left her hair a bit heavy). I coated it all over her tresses, concentrating at the ends, and left it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing it out. I thought that the mild coconut scent was quite pleasant and London likened it to fresh diapers (which is a compliment in her book). It rinsed completely clean, without any residue, and left her hair very soft.

Curly Q's Moist Curls Moisturizer

Step 3 is the Moist Curls Moisturizer (MSRP $14), which is mainly for detangling. As opposed to the Coconut Dream Conditioner, which worked for Lo but not for Kenzie, this was perfect for Kenzie, but not so much for London's thick coils and curls. The spray is made specifically to shoot out a stream of product {instead of to spray in a wider mist}, so that you can concentrate the formula on the areas that really need it. I'm not gonna lie, it didn't do much at all for London {or me since I was the one trying to comb all that hair out}. In fact, my hubby asked that I not use it her hair again {I think it did not react well with whatever he used to style her hair later on}. BUT, it worked spectacularly in Kenzie's hair! It's deliciously scented {sort of like tropical fruit} and had just the slip we needed to get through her tangled tresses. It's also great for when I need to smooth her hair out to put in a ponytail, twists, or braids.

Curly Q's Curly Q Gel-les'C

Step 4 for us was the Curly Q Gel-les'C (MSRP $18). This was a bit of a mixed bag for us. It worked to set Kenzie's curls for a wash and go look, but there was a very fine line between just enough product and too much. For London, it wasn't quite heavy enough to control her curls for a wash and go, but it is perfect for setting two strand twists and braids. I do love that when the proper amount of product is used, there is no crunchy feel or flakes when you work through the hair. It added a great amount of shine for Kenzie, but for Lo we used an additional product to add some sheen to her tresses.

Curly Q's for Kids is available for purchase on curls.biz.

Overall, I was really pleased with the line, I was able to find use for each of the products on at least one of the girls. As with all hair products, what works for one head doesn't necessarily work for all. But from what I can tell, there is something in CURLS Curly Q's for Kids line that will work with any texture, whether your little one is way, curly, coily, or kinky! Until next time...

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