Thursday, February 21, 2013

Always Be Prepared with Milk and Tetra Pak!

Once upon a time, milk was delivered to your house via horse-drawn carts carrying large metal containers filled with milk. The driver would scoop some into your pitcher or jar, right there in the street. It was not refrigerated, so daily deliveries were necessary. Not the most sanitary system.

So, when milk started being delivered in sterilized glass bottles in 1878 – that was big news! Fast forward to today. Chilled milk is widely available – but not without restrictions. It still needs to stay chilled, so it’s not as easy to take on the go. The answer – shelf safe, Grade A milk that doesn't require refrigeration until it’s opened (since there are no preservatives added). Now, single-serving milk boxes – sort of like juice boxes – can be stored in the pantry for up to six months without refrigeration!

More and more brands are offering handy single-serving cartons. It’s a convenient and healthy snack anytime, anywhere. While it’s fun to look back at the history of milk delivery…shelf safe cartons are the way to go!

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