Monday, December 31, 2012

Chic Your Eyes with Ease with Eye Majic!

Whether you are adept at applying your makeup, but just lack the time, or if you are a novice, but long the chic, sultry look of classic smokey eye-Eye Majic may be just the thing for you!

Eye Majic takes all of the guess work out of applying eye shadow with an exclusive "hold-and-press" technology, that gives you a perfect, precise eye look in moments! All you have to do is hold the applicator pad to your eyelid area and gently press it on for about 4 seconds, the swipe the applicator across the eyelid with a slight, upward movement.

Whether you're a busy mom on the go, trying to freshen up and return to work after a midday work out, or if you just have a hard time applying makeup Eye Majic is the perfect makeup! It saves time and room in your makeup bag and it's fun!

You can find Eye Majic come in 24 "rainbow" shades and 6 fun "leopard" shades, as well as the brand new "euro" style at Majic Beauty online.

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