Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Balm Good Enough to Eat (But Don't)! AKA: Surya Brasil Moisturizing Lip Balm

Among many other things, I'm kind of obsessed with lip balms. And who can blame me; dry, chapped, flakey lips are not cute, and I teach my babies that at a young age! The downside to that is even the baby is sort of addicted to lip balm. If any of my girls see me whip out a tube, they all line up and pout their lips to get some too! Even my hubby has a healthy obsession with balm (and trust me, it's a great thing ladies-life is much more fun when your man pays attention to even those little things!). The downside to this household preoccupation with soft puckers, is that we run through tubes quite frequently. Also, particularly with the lil bits showing interest in them, I have to pay special attention to the ingredients list (because let's face it-Lo is putting it on just to lick it off and if Kenzie gets her hand on a tube, she's know to take big honking bites out of it). So considering that my kids are basically eating and digesting lip balm, what I use on them has to be worthy of their diets.

As if they could read my mind, starting in February 2013, Whole Foods Markets will be carrying a new type of moisturizing lip balm from Surya Brasil, a leading Brazilian-based beauty company. The line will feature five flavors of luscious vegan lip balm: Cinnamon Cupuaçu, Chocolate, Chocolate & Mint, Strawberry Buriti, and Açai Berry. These nutrient rich, vegan lip treatments will keep your lips soft, smooth and perfectly hydrated and retail for $3.49 each.

The lip balms are -

-Vegan certified. No animal ingredients or animal testing

-Made with fair trade certified cacao butter

-Packaging made with 40% recycled content

-Antioxidant rich, açai oil bursting with flavanoids and omega 9 fatty acids

-Organic essential oils and natural flavors are 100% delectable

-Petrolatum and paraben free

The balms also include some ingredients that might not sound so familiar, but you (and your pucker) should definitely get to know them! Cupuaçu (pronounced coo-pu-was-u) contains B1, B2, B3 (Niacin), fatty and amino acids, and antioxidants (including Vitamins A and C). A melon shaped fruit is from the cocoa family, Cupuaçu also has a high flavanoid content, and it tastes like a cross between chocolate, passion fruit and bananas (can you say yummy?).

Buriti in the Strawberry Buriti flavor is rich in vitamins A and C with high levels of calcium, iron and protein. Buriti fruit is traditionally eaten fresh, but is also turned into sweets and juices.

All of the balms slide on as smooth as silk, and feel nourishing, not waxy or sticky, on the lips. They smell and taste fantastic, which is a double edged sword-I feel totally comfortable letting my girls use them, but as i said, Kenzie has been known to take huge bites out of other tasty lip balms, so I have to watch her like a hawk with these. Not because I'm worried about her ingesting the balms, but because they really work, and I'd much rather have them on my lips than in her belly! Lol. Until next time...


  1. Those look so good; I wish we had Whole Foods here in my part of Canada.

    My mom gave me lip balm to use at a young age too. I remember being 6 and loving Lip Smackers.

    1. Oh Lip Smackers! My fave was Dr Pepper, and it was what I recommended to my 12 year old when she wanted to try something a little more than clear gloss. It's so yummy, and has just the right amount of color for my dear tween (and after thinking about it, it may be time for me to pick up a tubr for myself1). Too bad about not having a Whole Foods in Canada, but perhaps the Surya Brasil Balms will be available elsewhere. If I find out something, I'll be sure to include an update on Facebook or Twitter!


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