Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Curly Girls Rule The World!-AKA-Curls Hair Care at the Bronner Bros Hair Show

The Curls Hair Care Booth at the Bronner Bros Hair Show 2012

One of the most memorable booths at the Bronner Bros Hair Show was that of Curls Hair Care. It was very noticeable, not only because of its prime, corner location but also because of the lovely curly girls present , adorned in brightly colored tutus, t-shirts with the Curls logo emblazoned in sparkles, and inviting smiles (not to mention trays full of goodies).

The ladies at the booth were so friendly and adorable in their sparkly shirts, colorful tutus, and gorgeous curls!

Established 10 years ago by style maven (and curly girl) MaHisha Delinger, one thing that sets Curls apart from other curl-centric lines on the shelf today is the fact that the brand has been around for 10 years-long before natural/curly hair was trending.  There is also less emphasis on “typing” your tresses and trying to categorize and label them, and more put into experimenting and finding a unique cocktail that works for the curls on your head. Celebrities like Halle Berry, Ashanti, Nia Long, and Zoe Saldana have all turned to Curls hair care products to care for their naturally curly hair.

Shaun Roney

We had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Shaun Roney, Executive Assistant at Curls, and discussed her personal hair care regimen. Her Holy Grail product is Gel-les’C Curl Serum/Gel for fine and medium hair textures. She said it’s exactly what her curls need to get into the “sweet spot.” For second day hair, or if she’s battling a little frizz, she turns to Curl Souffle, a medium weight curl cream for medium density curls that defrizzes, defines curls, and locks in moisture. I can assure you, her system works because her hair was gorgeous!
Curls has an impressive array of products to suit all the curls in your family: not only is there Curls for Women, there is Curly Q’s for Kids and It’s A Curl for Babies! And to meet the needs of Type 4 textured hair, Mahisha recently announced the acquisition of KYNX Hair Care. So it’s safe to say, whether there is a wave, curl, coil, or kink on your head, Curls has you covered!

The extensive it's a curl! line 

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