Friday, July 20, 2012

Nail Fail :(

I'm always honest about my feelings/thoughts when I write a post, whether it's a review or just commentary. In general, I'm a very optimistic person and prefer to see the glass half full in life, which is reflected in my reviews. Even if I don't particularly care for a product, while I try to express my personal displeasure, I also strive to highlight some positive aspect, because I know that mine is certainly not the end all decision. I also generally don't like talking about things that I don't like, because well, it's not fun and it's not really my style. So perhaps this attitude has contributed to more of a "happy happy joy joy" vibe on Mama Fashionista, and while I'm cool with that, I do see the need to maybe be more balanced in my outlook/approach. 

I've been contemplating how exactly to address this issue, how and when to bite the bullet and give a "negative" review, with obvious answer being, just continue to be honest and when something you don't like comes along, be tactful, but don't sugar coat it either. Well lovelies, it seems that the appropriate opportunity has presented itself. 

I've expressed several times (and will continue to do so) my affection for painting my nails. It's a whole ritual we have at home on a fairly regular basis, and it's quite enjoyable for me and my girls. Part of the whole process is removing old polish in order to start anew. To that effect, I super excited to try Cutex' Advance Revival Nail Polish Remover One-Step Pads. Not only was is it formulated to strengthen and nourish your nails with botanical oils, it comes in a handy dandy, pre soaked, generously sized felt pad, presumably large enough to remove the polish from all 10 of your fingers. Um.... no...

For the sake of tact, I will try to keep this brief. The came out of the package moist, and possibly sufficiently so, but I would have preferred it to be a bit more saturated in solution. That being said, it being more wet probably wouldn't have helped the fact that it seems as if the solution does not work. At all. I mean, I tried just rubbing it on my pinky nail (figured it was the smallest and thus the easiest surface to test) and the polish did not budge. Not a bit. So I rubbed a little more vigorously. Nothing. So then I held the pad to my finger for a bit, and then rubbed. Nada. So I thought, perhaps the adorable Sally Hansen strips were special and needed an acetone based remover in order to come off. Ok! This will certainly work on the normal polish I have on my toes! So once again I tried my pinky (toe). Same (non) results. So for me, it's officially a fail. 

I'm kind of disappointed. As I said, I was excited about this product, not only for it's sheer convenience, but also because of it's portability. I had visions of carrying the little packets in my purse to do on the go repairs and impromptu polish changes whenever and where ever. But it is not to be. C'est la vie....

Have you tried these wipes? Did they fair better for you? Do you have any alternate suggestions for me? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

Ciao, XxO



  1. I tried one of these, and I wasn't terribly impressed either. Mine worked, but it did indeed take some rubbing to get it going! I used it on Revlon's Carbonite, which is super shimmery, so it's almost gritty with tiny pieces when you're removing it. But still, mine didn't do all ten fingers - it did seven and by then the remover was gone. I liked the smell though, and it didn't dry out my nails. I may try the liquid version out, but not the felt pads again!

    1. Ah! I'm SO relieved that I'm not the only one! I'm glad it worked better for you than it did me; 7 nails is better than one. It did smell really good though; maybe I'll look into trying the liquid form too!


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