Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Match Made in Heaven: Angels on Bare Skin and My Clarisonic!

First let me say, I use my Clarisonic every night, regardless of what cleanser I use, and it's kind of life changing (well, skin changing to say the least).  Lately, I'm loving it even more when I use Angels On Bare Skin facial cleanser from LUSH...

See those little bits in there? Those are bits of real lavender flower. This heavenly concoction also contains lavender oil, ground almonds, kaolin, and rose absolute.These combine to soften and balance the skin, while exfoliating and deeply cleansing the skin as well. My face feels so good after using this! And the lavender smell is so natural, soothing, and therapeutic. Sometimes I use it twice a day (because they are made fresh, a lot of LUSH's products come with a short shelf life, and I don't want to waste a bit of this stuff), but I usually save this treat for my night time ritual. After using Melvita's Fresh Cleansing Milk (which I gush about in full here) to wash of my makeup, I take a pea sized pinch of the clay like substance and mix it with water until it forms a paste in my hands. After applying it all over my face, I use the Clarisonic to buff it into my skin. The word I would use to describe this sensation of this night time treat is "luxurious." Between the rose in the cleansing milk and the lavender in Angels on Bare Skin, the sensory experience is relaxing and soothing and the perfect precursor to restful slumber. After I cleanse and rinse off, I use a toner and few drops of argan oil to moisturize. 

And of course you can't ignore the skin on the rest of your body! The hubby is very sensitive to scents, so LUSH's Dream Cream is perfect for right before I climb into bed with my honey!

Dream Cream was created to sooth sensitive skin and it does it beautifully. It contains a blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile to calm irritations, reduce redness, and rid the skin of any blotchiness. Olive oil and cocoa butter take care of dry, chapped skin, and are gentle enough  for even the most sensitive types. I get the richness that I crave from a body lotion, without torturing the hubby with a heavy scent. 

So, that's my night time ritual (for now). I always feel so pampered and relaxed afterwards! I can't wait to try more goodies from LUSH, especially now that there's a new store location at the Mall of Georgia! What do you do to prepare your skin for night and relax your mind for sleep? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

Ciao, XxO


PS-Product was sent for consideration by PR. I was not paid for this review and all opinions stated are 100% honest and my own :)


  1. The dream cream sound amazing. I love all of the ingredients that they used in it.

    1. The Dream Cream is amazing! Wonderfully moisturizing without being greasy, and it feels silky as you're rubbing it into the skin. It's great!

  2. Lush is one of my favorite stores! I love Dream Cream and I am going to have to try Angles on Bare! Can't wait for my next trip I am going to have to pick one up!

    1. I love LUSH and I'm so excited there's finally going to be a store near my home (instead of an hour away)! I highly recommend Angels On Bare Skin; my skin feels so soft and clean after using it!


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