Tuesday, June 5, 2012

CO Bigelow Lemon Hand Wash No. 1142

I have 3 children and between cooking, changing, cleaning, and feeding them all, I feel like I am constantly washing my hands! My hands are kind of rough naturally, so all of that time in the water doesn't really help to keep them touchably soft, but I have found a few treasures that help them stay soft and supple (and don't make my hands feel as dry as the Sahara). Here's one of them:

CO Bigelow Lemon Hand Wash No. 1142

There are no added fragrances, no artificial colors, and they don't test on animals; all things that make this luscious lemony soap good enough for my babies to use, but they better not! This soap is just for mama!

This ultra-rich lathering formula combines excellent cleansing with ingredients that moisturize to create the ULTIMATE hand wash. This extraordinary cleanser, loaded with skin-brightening and nourishing Lemon oil and Extracts, (super-charged with Vitamin C) cares for hands keeping them feeling renewed, soft and supple. 

I love the fresh, lemon scent. It's so invigorating! I keep a bottle by the sink in the kitchen; it feels like a little reward for my hard work when I wash my hands after cooking or cleaning the kitchen.

CO Bigelow Lemon Hand Wash No. 1142  retails for $12 and was developed by the Bigelow Chemists to work in conjunction with CO Bigelow Chemist Lemon Hand Treatment No. 1135 ($16). Both are available on www.bigelowchemists.com

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PS- PR sent product for consideration. I was not paid to do this post and all opinions stated are 100% honest and my own. :)


  1. This sounds like such a fantastic product! I'm constantly washing my hands, as well, which always dries them out. I may need to try this product for myself. :)

    1. I definitely highly recommend this! I keep it in my kitchen (it seems as if the majority of my day is spent in there) and the scent is so invigorating. Not to mention that my hands look and feel better than ever! With all the time I spend painting my nails, its really worth it to use a nice hand wash so that the area around my nails is pretty too!


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