Thursday, May 31, 2012

June Julep Maven Box

I am a huge fan of nail polish. I think that it's a fun and (relatively) inexpensive way to incorporate the latest trends in beauty and fashion and some creativity and individuality into your wardrobe.

There are tons of subscription services out there (and I've tried a bunch of them), but one of my favorites is the Julep Maven program from Seattle based company Julep (and they have the cutest, chicest Julep Nail Parlors out there). I'm not going to go into a long spiel trying to sell you lovelies on the service, but I am going to share my latest box with you...

My Julep Maven It Girl Box :)

Let me just say, that I seriously look forward to my box EVERY month! I've been a member since February and I have yet to be disappointed in the goodies that I've been sent. Plus, I've taken advantage of opportunities to get the mystery boxes they offer occasionally (and every time they are a MAJOR score)! I also love the attention they pay to the packaging; it's always so happy and colorful (and secure so that there are no broken, leaking bottles when you open up your box), and there's always an extra little goodie in there (this month it was a vanilla mint flavored daylight defense lip balm with spf 15 and some Pixie Sticks) . Their customer service is friendly and fast! Last month, while the colors I received were excellent as always (I even got a beautiful magnetic shade in a majestic shade of purple), a few of the brushes were a little ragged. To my surprise, this month's box included two new brushes to replace the old ones!

My June Julep Maven It Girl colors were:

  • Sasha, fresh, cantaloupe melon creme.
  • Morgan, frosty grape purple.
  • Sandra, friendly, frosted magenta.
One of the other things that I love about Julep is that I am sent colors that I probably would not have picked out for myself on my own, but that I inevitably fall in love with. It's a way of opening my eyes and broadening my horizons. I really am a huge fan!
Until next time...

Ciao, XxO

PS-This is in no way whatsoever a paid post. I pay for my own $19.99 a month subscription. There is a referral link included in this post that gives me a credit if you choose to sign up through the link. :)


  1. I've never heard of them before but I love the colors that they sent over to you. Not too expensive - it looks like I may have to try it.

    1. They are definitely worth looking into imo. If you decide to sign up, it'd be great if you use my referral link! :)


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