Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Starting to Feel Like My Old Self Again

So lovelies, I have lost 8 pounds... so proud/happy! Still have a LONG way to go to get back to my svelte figure of yesteryear (though truthfully, I'll never be a size zero again, my girls have gifted me with ample T&A), but I'm working my way to a smaller, healthier me, bit by bit. So the Polyvore ensemble above is a tribute to the sexy chic look that I gravitate towards when I'm truly comfortable in my skin. Notice the balance: though it is short, the boots cover a lot of leg, the arms are completely covered and there's even a chapeaux (I love hats!)! Lots of Chanel accessories (you can never go wrong there) and a lovely ring from Twisted Silver (LOVE those ladies; will blog about soon!). Notice that the bag doesn't exactly match. I often do that intentionally IRL, in such a way that some item I have on stands out (so that people may say "where did that come from, it doesn't really fit in with the rest") and thus sets me apart and makes my presence known.

Even the hubby doesn't get that little ism of mine; he wants everything coordinated and matching. He's very much into...not blending in... but not really making a splash by being different. Sometimes I have to remind him that if it were not for my being different from the norm, he may have never even noticed me. I've always been a bit of an oddball and kind of proud and very accepting of my idiosyncrasies. To be truthful, there may have been a time in my life when I was very overtly eccentric, it was actually very liberating. As I've gotten older, I've toned down a bit, but some of the old me is starting to shine through again. And I gladly welcome her back! I hope you all will too (some day :P )... 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


PS-Don't forget the butter LONDON give away (you MUST become a follower and use butter LONDON nail lacquers in your entry (not just say pink and red)! I love the comments so far, thank you so much for being creative and telling a story with your collections because that is truly what fashion is really about! Also the 15% discount at Anique Michelle is still available. Get shopping! xoxo


  1. Congratulations on getting healthier and not letting go of your style! Make it your own and have fun, no matter what anyone says! Love the Missoni dress, I'm saving for one because I always dress in solid colors and need to mix it up!

  2. congrats on your weight loss! that is a big accomplishment. i love the outfit you put together here- the missoni dress especially. i hope to own one someday. ~joelle

  3. Congrats on your svelt self! I'm on the fit journey too, and a new look is the best motivation! Thanks for including the Boing ring. Jewelry ALWAYS fits, and Twisted Silver can create so many looks. Keep up the good work, you hot thang! :)

  4. I love this outfit... it will accentuate all your best assests (T&A).

    Good luck with the process... I'm sure you will be successful! I've been inspired!!


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