Thursday, October 1, 2009

House of Worth

So... I've always been a shoe fiend, well maybe not always, but since I was at least 12. Everyone in my family is taller than me, so though I am of average height,I developed something of a Napoleon Complex having to stand next to them constantly. So I began to wear high heels. I'm sure it was nothing more than two inches at first, but that was enough to put me face to face with my mother. Then of course as I got older, my heels got higher and higher, and over time, I never wore flats unless it was absolutely mandated (like for work or P.E.). In fact, it got to the point that I actually walked better in high heels (I would literally stumble whenever I wore sneakers). Long story short, I LOVE shoes, the higher the better.

Usually a love of shoes goes hand in hand with the love of handbags and I never really jumped on that wagon. Purses were cute but sort of strictly utilitarian for me. Often times, I would stuff necessities into my pockets (or the pockets of whoever was with me), a girlfriend's purse, or my cleavage (it was astounding how much would fit in there). This does mean that my handbags were not cute; they were actually quite cute. I just didn't really view them as accessories, or as a means to accent my clothing. I did not change my bag according to what I was wearing or what shoes I had on. I used the same bag until it wore out.

It was not until I met my husband that I grew to appreciate purses. He is the type of man that likes to give gifts, nice gifts. One of the first things he bought me was a beautiful soft pink Coach bag, with a suede bottom, silver hardware and a single brown leather strap. I was in love. I've never looked at handbags the same. And then I had LS.

I HAD to carry a diaper bag. The one we used was an adorable gift from a friend, so it was chic and useful (which is always awesome). But there was no way I was lugging around that behemoth of a bag AND a purse AND the baby. So I just put everything that I needed into the diaper bag as well. So no pretty purses for me for the last 16 months. Just my big pink diaper bag. But people, it's a new day!

Baby girl no longer needs the trappings incidental to newborns and infants. She's a big girl now. Her stuff can go in mommy's bag instead of vice versa. So I have a huge decision to make. What new pretty do I get? I've done my research and here it goes. Now some of these are obviously categorized as fantasy items (how many stay at home moms do you know that carry Alexander McQueen clutches?) but most are definitely in the running as new additions to my collection. I figure I need a good size purse, a multi purpose tote, and a clutch to cover all of my bases and quench the thirst that these long of abstinence have caused.

Here are the contenders:

The Rebellious II (in black) and
Peony Clutch (in silver) from
Carrie Valen
Carrie's bags have been seen on Gossip
Girl, and on the arms of Fergie, Eva Longoria
Parker, and Jessica Biel. She's also my
Twitter buddy, so please check out her site
by clicking on either of the bags.

*Pictures obtained from Carrie Valentine

Now these two lovelies are from Coach. I love the bright colors and especially the shiny pink patent leather. The pink one is called Spotlight and the multi colored tote is the Pop C Glam Tote. Click on them and it'll take you straight to the Coach website.
*Pictures obtained from www.coach.com

Juicy, Juicy, Juicy. I love this tote
because I could easily toss in some
library books, LS's neccessities, and
my stuff and it wouldn't be over
stuffed. Plus at the cost ($78) I won't
be terribly upset when it inevitably gets
messed up. Click on the bag to see
all the cuteness Juicy Couture has
to offer.

*Picture obtained from www.juicycouture.com

And here is my fantasy line up. The two clutches are from Alexander McQueen (I first fell in love with the design when I saw it in red crocodile in the September issue of Vogue) and I went head over heels for the Louis when I saw it on Avelle. In doing my research, I di
scovered a couple of new (well, new to me at least) sites that you can link to by clicking on each bag.

*Pictures obtained from www.polyvore.com

So what do you think? What are your must have bags for the season? And what about your ultimate fantasy bag? I know, I know. I was heavy on the pink. But it's something of a signature for me, so there : P . Give me some feedback. I'd love to hear from you.

Fashion Forever...



  1. I looove the pink one from Coach...so much space, and it is pink!! gorgeous...ahh decisions-decisions, now I want to go handbag shopping :P


  2. Your choices are absolutely divine; but I truly love that knuckle clutch. I'm not sure if anything more fabulous has ever existed! :)

  3. Love love love love loveeee the McQueen's. Love the mix of handbag/jewelry.

    xo, www.styleshewrote.com

  4. Good post, doll. Love the brass knuckle clutches of course (I'm a McQ diehard). While I'm not a fan of either Coach or Juicy, of the two the Juicy tote is cute, and rather affordable for Juicy IMO.



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