Saturday, September 19, 2009

Testing, testing 123

Rock it left, right, and center. I'm officially adopting that "Zoe-ism" into my vocabulary (perhaps one of these days I'll post a glossary of her best catch phrases; she has so many good ones!).

My lap top is on the fritz (fashion fairy godmother, please wave your sparkly wand and make a mac book appear) so I'm attempting to post this via my beloved bb. I just had to write, because my alarm woke me up in time to watch a marathon of The Rachel Zoe Project, so of course inspiration hit me (and big belated congrats to Shrimpton Couture for having vision enough to catch the attention of a visionary).

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the creative mastermind behind Twisted Silver Jewelry (http://www.twisted-silver.com) yesterday, and now can list Debbie Mitchell in the rank of women that are not only inspirational stylistically, but also as a business person and amazing human being. Thank you for calling and conversing with little ol' me. You truly made my week! I can't wait to rock you gorgeous pieces left, right, and center!

So, I pretty much have a grip on what this whole blog thing will be about. But the lack of photos/pictures is kinda keeping me from taking off. The thing is, I guess I need to get over myself. I truly believe if you look good, you'll feel good, so I don't leave the house without looking fab. But I'm not gonna lie, 15 months later, I'm still carrying baby fat (and to be completely honest, most of it is from my 9 year old). So the idea of immortalizing my less than stellar figure for the consumption of the world wide web (I'm not being egotistical, just dramatic) is a tad bit daunting. Part of the point of doing this blog,though, is to prove that the average woman, especially stay at home mommies like myself, can be stylish and fashion forward. So I guess that along with hitting the gym and putting down the cookies (not just to be cute, but in order to be healthy), I need to embrace me. And hopefully, you will too. So you'll be seeing me soon... Till then...

Fashion forever...


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