Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bold New World

Covet List:

Smythson's 2010 Malachite Collection (I've always had a deep and abiding love for all things paper-notebooks, journals, planners, stationary-a world of blank canvasses aching for me to fill with my words. Smythson has long been known for it's luxury paper goods and this latest collection is so elegant and chic, I want every piece made in that beautiful dark teal,crocodile print...)

Very Hollywood by Michael
(I wore the original Michael Kors fragrance when it first came out. It wrapped me in it's warm, sensual cocoon in a way no other fragrance had; for me it was graduation from young lady to woman. Since my first bottle of Lauren by Ralph Lauren (way back when) I have never been able to commit to one fragrance, but have selected from carefully picked, ever evolving coterie depending on such factors as my mood, my outfit, the weather, the occasion, and the season. But the notion of a signature fragrance has always been very intriguing. Until my olfactory senses reconnected with the familiar yet brand new bouquet that is Very Hollywood, I had never come across a single fragrance that I could pledge my fidelity to...)

Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Perlee (Those lovely clovers are back in a collection of sophisticated bangles and rings in various metals. The rose gold is to die for. The melodious tinkling of several bangles on my arm will be the soundtrack of a wonderful fall season...)

My entire summer was spent on crutches (due to an unfortunate miscommunication between my left ankle and a curb). I spent all of June, July, and August with a sock on one foot and a sneaker on the other (regardless of how cute my outfit was). Needless to say, I am beyond happy that I am free of those dastardly crutches and am back to wearing shoes other than adidas on both feet. However, I suffer from what I call a female version of napoleon complex: though I am of average height, I am convinced that I am actually vertically challenged (i.e. short) and therefore only leave the house wearing at least 4 inch heels. And I know that flats are now (and have been for a while) considered tres tres chic, but my own sense of personal style has been unable to jump on board with the trend (I'm also having a hard time adjusting to tights with open toe shoes-it looks so cute in theory, just don't know if I can pull it off in practice). So in an effort to preserve both my still delicate ankle and my overall fabulousness, I am totally up for suggestions on what to outfit my feet in. What's the new hotness in flat foot wear? I'll totally post pics and links for all suitable suggestions and let you all know what I pick. Thanks in advance for your help/input!

Fashion Forever...


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