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Having an Easy Day Out with the Kids


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An easy day out with the kids is possible with some forethought. Letting the younger kids sleep for a while beforehand can eliminate tantrums later on. And preparing what you can the day before is a massive help. Here are some tips for making your family day a bit less stressful.

Simple and Convenient Food

You and the kids will need to eat when you are out and about. But you don't want to lug around a cooler bag, and restaurant prices can be huge with a large family. So it helps to take simple food you can get out and eat easily. Nutritious on the go snacks from Yumble can keep the kids going throughout the day. Yet convenience food such as sandwiches is also a great way to keep easily reachable food in a small space, such as a backpack, that doesn't weigh you down. 

Let Younger Kids Fall Asleep

Small babies and toddlers will need their sleep, and if you have ever been out with a tired child, then you know how awful it can be. So why put yourself under that kind of pressure? If possible, let your kids have a little power nap before you leave. And if you are traveling far, then encouraging sleep in the car can be a Godsend. This means it is more likely they will have the energy to have fun and do all the things they want to do to keep them happy.

An Easy Day Out with the Kids is Simple

There's never enough time in the day to get around to doing everything you want. And if you try to do too much, you only add pressure on yourself, which is likely to cause issues. The best family days out, like birthdays, are simple and fun. Choose one main thing you would all like to do, and select a couple of smaller things that are possible within the time and budget you have. Discuss this together as a family, as no child wants to feel left out or unheard on a day out.

Prepare as Much as Possible Beforehand

Even with one child, there is a lot you will need when venturing out for the day. Food, clothing, and toiletries are essential for adults and teens. But you will also need baby stuff like diapers, fresh milk, and wipes. And this can be a mammoth task if you have many children. Don't put pressure on yourself on what should be a magical day, do what you can the day before. Packing backpacks, bags, and cases, pressing clothes, and meal preparation are good examples.

Always Know Where the Facilities Are

As an adult, needing the bathroom can be a nightmare if you are caught short. But you can hold it if you need to. For children, however, they may not see “letting go” as so much of an issue. But this means they may need a change of clothes and a good wipe down. Make a note of facilities along a travel route when driving. And always know where they are when you are out and about, such as at a theme park, camping with the kids, or walking a family nature trail.


It helps to take convenient and simple food for an easy day out with the kids. But it also helps to keep things simple and, of course, always know where the public facility and bathrooms are.

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