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Top Tips For Making A Timeless Fashion Closet

 Fashion can be expensive, especially when purchasing new clothes for each season that comes and goes. Not only that but if there are more family members to buy for, the seasonal shopping budget can end up going through the roof. When purchasing fashion for the closet, there are certain tips that can help ensure there are pieces that can be used over and over again. 

A timeless closet of fashion can end up saving thousands of dollars over the years, as well as being more sustainable and eco-friendly for the world around us. 

With that being said, the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of carbon emissions. It’s important that we all make a change when it comes to our closets, for the better.

Looking for a timeless fashion capsule? Here are some of the top tips for making a closet that will remain timeless in its looks and usage.

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Invest in the right accessories

When it comes to accessories, they’re a great compliment to an outfit. They can help tie together a look and in some cases, can help bring something casual to formal and vice-versa. Many people forget to use accessories and that can often result in boredom with clothes quicker.

With accessories, it almost creates a new outfit each time, especially if you‘ve got a variety of accessories to choose from. Here are just a few suggestions of what may be missing from a fashion collection.

  • Bags

  • Scarves

  • Hats

  • Belts

  • Gloves

  • Jewellery 

Jewelry is one of those underestimated accessories, that can help elevate a look even further. For example, a diamonds by the yard necklace can create a dramatic effect, even on casual looks. 

Protect footwear

Footwear can easily succumb to wear and tear, due to them being in contact with the floor all the time. Throw in different terrains and weather conditions and that results in shoes that need replacing. However, if everything is done to protect the footwear initially, one might not have this problem.

For example, a pair of suede boots would do well with a weather and stain-resistant spray being applied every so often. The same goes for any leather footwear. From waxes to liquids, there’s plenty out there in terms of protective products for the shoes.

When you’re spending hundreds on footwear, it’s good to do the most in order to make them last. This is particularly the case when it comes to your favorite pair of boots or heels. If struggling to know exactly what you need, find out the best options ideally through the footwear supplier.

Avoid washing or tumble drying too much

The more a garment is washed or tumble-dried, the more it’s going to be subject to wear and tear. Too much is going to ruin the piece of clothing a lot quicker. While clothing obviously needs to be cleaned, it doesn’t always need to go into the wash after just one day’s worth of use.

If possible, avoid putting clothes in the wash unless they need to due to them smelling or getting something on them. With tumble drying, it should always be assessed whether or not the garment is suitable for it. If it is, then try to limit how many times you tumble dry it. Both washing and tumble drying will end up causing irreparable damage to it.

Where possible, make a mental note of what’s been worn and do a visual and sniff test before putting clothing back in the closet. These little habits will help give the clothes a longer shelf life.

Opt for dry cleaning where possible

Dry cleaning is something that is often considered a luxury, however, it’s now a lot more affordable than it used to be.

With demand for it and a need to supply for that demand, dry cleaners will often offer their customers with bulk dry cleaning packages that work out fairly cheap.

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When it comes to certain garments, it may not be possible to even wash or tumble dry them due to potential damage to the material. Dry cleaning may be the only option and so it’s important to do this, rather than to try and do it at home.

If it’s possible, try to get more of the clothes dry cleaned where possible because this will also help garments last longer. This is particularly in the case of luxury items or those statement pieces that need to be kept pristine.

Shop for basics that can be worn for years

Where possible, shop for basics because these will be something that can be worn year after year with no trouble at all.

Basics such as leggings, tank tops, vest tops, and tights, are all going to help bring together different outfits and they can be added or layered with other garments to create new looks. As transitional pieces, they may be worn throughout the year and then repurchased sometime down the line once they’ve seen better days.

Basics are the bread and butter of the outfits and these aren’t necessarily something you should buy at a cheap price. After all, just like anything that’s used daily, it’s worth investing in the very best.

Store clothes properly

When it comes to clothes, make sure that they’re stored properly. If not stored properly, further damage can be caused that could have been prevented. From vacuum bags to custom-made storage containers, the more invested in storing clothes properly, the longer they’ll last.

High-quality vacuum bags are great for storing away clothing that doesn’t need to be worn for a while, mainly because they’re outside of the season in question. Keeping these vacuum bags in good condition by not overfilling them with the garments. Try to limit how many are put into each one.

For footwear and accessories like hats, it’s worth investing in some custom-made shoe storage options and mannequin heads or wooden pegs on the wall to hang hats properly.

The way garments are stored will often determine how long they last and how quickly they need to be replaced.

Avoid following seasonal trends

Seasonal trends are designed to make a consumer buy more. In a world of fast fashion, it’s important to try and avoid seasonal trends where possible and instead find garments that suit a personality and personal style. 

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By shopping for garments that evoke feelings of love, passion, and joy, they're more likely to stick around in a closet for longer. There may be the odd timeless option from these trends but most will likely come around and then disappear as quickly as they came.

Try these extra suggestions to add quality to the fashion closet

To round off, there are a few suggestions that can be made when it comes to garments in particular. Here are a few to get a fashionista started:

  • A forever coat - Outerwear garments like a trench coat or leather jacket can often be a timeless piece worth investing in.

  • Cashmere - Fancy something a little luxurious? Try cashmere, it’s a great material and feels uber luxurious.

  • A pair of sunglasses - Sunglasses can get bashed about quite easily but a good quality pair will last you for years.

There are plenty of great options out there when it comes to fashion but it doesn’t need to always be a case of adhering to fast-fashion stereotypes. Try using these tips to help create a timeless closet that will last for more than just a few years. Some can end up with pieces that last for decades if looked after properly.

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