Wednesday, May 19, 2021

5 GA-Based Companies Creating High-Quality Products and Experiences


Georgia is home to not only great sports teams such as the Atlanta Braves, UGA bulldogs, and Atlanta United, but Georgia is also home to some really amazing companies who are creating high-quality products and experiences. In an effort to help support local Georgia businesses, I wanted to share a few of those companies with you. These companies are going out of their way to focus on high-quality products or experiences, sustainability, manufacturing within the USA, and customer service. They deserve all of our support. Here are a few of those GA-based companies: 

Criterion Technology, Inc.

Criterion Technology, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of optical quality injection molded domes. “Criterion Technology is the industry leader of the highest quality clear component parts molded out of polycarbonate, acrylic, and an exclusive optical grade nylon. Specializing in optical injection molded optics and enclosures, Criterion displays supreme material expertise, vast technical knowledge, a robust commitment to R&D, and optimum onsite testing. The Criterion team is a group of experienced and resourceful individuals who work together to create a welcoming environment where innovation flourishes. Criterion backs their products with 100% paid tooling maintenance. A North American partner, Criterion fortifies partnerships with design and development aptitudes, prototyping, low and high volume production, and turn-key assembly.”

One thing that stands out to be about Criterion Technology is that they are committed to continuous research, advancing technology, and automation. Their products go through rigorous testing to ensure safety and they are also tested to withstand the rigor of high temperatures, rough ocean conditions, mining and oil drilling conditions, as well as prison and military environments, all while delivering superior optical performance and image clarity. Their domes and enclosures can be designed for impact, shock absorption, and explosion upon request.

The president and CEO of Criterion Technology Inc., Chris Mulvey, began working in the video security industry in 1982. Inspired to start his own company, he created the goal of perfecting the art and technology of creating optical enclosures for the video security industry that would be first-in-class worldwide. He says, “In the 28 years Criterion has been in existence, I have worked with my team to stay ahead of the technology curve to ensure that our customers will remain competitive in the industry. My goal is to continuously meet and exceed expectations of optical performance through continuing education and training for myself and my employees to maximize their understanding and support of Criterion’s customers. My focus and passion for almost three decades has been developing new technologies to give my customers an edge over their competitors. I am proud of Criterion’s development and expansion of manufacturing technologies to become recognized worldwide as the leader in this industry.”

Criterion Technology, Inc. has a goal to create the best products out there, but they also have a goal of protecting the environment while doing so. “With several aggressive and comprehensive recycling and waste disposal programs in place, Criterion has taken a true leadership role in working to protect our environment. From plastics to corrugated paper to chemical waste disposal, Criterion meets and exceeds all federal and state laws in an effort to protect and preserve our valuable resources.”

Go Forth Goods, LLC

I first heard about Go Forth Goods at a shop on the Marietta Square (it is not there anymore), and I thought that it was such a cool concept. Go Forth Goods creates really high-quality leather goods, such as purses, wallets, and more. Not only are their leather goods 100% American-made, but they also come backed with a lifetime guarantee. LIFETIME. That in itself shows how high-quality their products really are + how dedicated to customer service that they are. They say, “Go Forth Goods ® makes functional, high-quality leather goods in the USA. We design goods both for outdoor adventures and taking to work, guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. We also believe that being good means focusing on the details. That’s why we honor others who do good by giving back 10% in support of nonprofits we believe in. At Go Forth Goods ® we're doing our part to bring back the tradition of durable and classic American-made goods. We make leather bags and wallets like the ones our grandparents used--lovingly crafted pieces that you love to use and can pass on to the next generation. For this reason, our designs are crafted for simplicity and functionality, with elements inspired by leather goods from the 19th century.” My friend's husband has a wallet from them and she has a purse. They’ve had these items for years and they still look perfect.

Mohawk Industries

Mohawk Industries is the leading supplier in rugs and other flooring such as faux wood floors and tile, too. Mohawk Industries has focused on sustainability a lot recently and they are constantly evolving to create better products for their customers and the environment. They are also the world's largest flooring company, as well, so they have the manpower to change how the flooring industry is run, and they are doing so one step at a time.

The Green Queen

The Green Queen, located out of Atlanta, is an awesome company focusing on non-toxic home services such as weed control, mosquito spraying services, pest control, HVAC cleaning, and more. Most people do not know how toxic these above services are, when done by a traditional company. Weed sprays have led to a slew of negative health impacts and there are even quite a few lawsuits out for declined health and even death in some cases due to weed sprays. They have also been linked to poor birth outcomes, fertility issues, cancer, and more. Plus, they are bad for the environment. Mosquito spraying services and pest control services are right there with weed spraying, as well. Green Queen strives to provide healthier options to their customers, to support the health of their customers + the environment. They are very intentional about the products they use and how they spray/work on each home. They also have cleaning services, and all products they use are totally non-toxic. Last thing I’ll say about this is that it really gives their workers a great environment that is not toxic to themselves.

Salon Skanda

Salon Skanda has recently become pretty popular because an Instagrammer posted a curly hair video on TikTok (or Instagram - not sure?). While they work on both straight and curly hair and typically do about 50/50, they have had an influx of people with curly hair because of that video. One thing that stands out about Salon Skanda is that they also use products that are less toxic, safe for the environment, and safe for people. In addition, they also dry cut curly hair and then have a service to show you how to style it going forward. It’s really great for those that are having trouble controlling their hair, or learning how to properly style it for themselves.

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