Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Effective Workouts For Losing Winter Weight



Now we are starting to look forward to the summer, most of us are hoping to lose that winter weight and look amazing in our favorite summer clothes.

When you haven’t been exercising or keeping up with a healthy routine for a few months it is understandably difficult to get back into the flow of things - and you may find yourself simply looking for the quickest and most effective ways to lose weight in a shorter space of time. 

It is important to remember when trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle that fasting is never a healthy way to do it, and there are lots of great exercises you can use to lose weight quickly alongside eating nutritious and low fat meals. 

Today we want to go through a few of the different types of exercises you can try this month that are high impact and will help your body burn fat and shed some pounds. 


You may think of HIIT as the regular type of workout you see in most instances. When you look at online classes or YouTube videos most of the videos you come across are high intensity interval training. What this means is doing short bursts of exercises with small breaks in between such as 30 seconds on and 10 seconds off. It forces the body to burn fat and a lot of the exercises are able to get the body burning fat long after you have finished your workout. 


If you want an exercise that feels less intense but really targets your core - Pilates is a brilliant choice for you. Put on your favourite long sleeve performance shirts and leggings for this one and grab a mat to protect your back and elbows on the floor. Pilates focuses on small controlled movements that burn those muscles and make them stronger as well as more flexible. You’ll notice soon after starting Pilates that you have more energy and you feel generally less achy during the day. 

Body combat 

If you are looking for a type of exercise that feels a bit different - body combat is a brilliant idea and it will be fun to do with your partner or even your child. Body combat combines a lot of kickboxing, karate, and jui horsy moves into one workout that focuses on both speed and power in the body. After you have done this workout you’ll definitely feel stronger and you’ll start to lose some weight in your legs and your arms and back too. 

Weight lifting 

When you hear the words weight lifting and losing weight you may believe this is pure rubbish - but it is true that adding a day of weight lifting to your weekly fitness can actually help you lose more weight. As you build muscle strength, your muscles will be able to burn more fat - and this in turn will make you look leaner and more toned. While you might put on some pounds on the scales - this is muscle weight which is heavier than fat and you will still be able to see a difference in your size. 


Cardio might be most of our least favorite words when it comes to fitness - but this type of exercise is essential for a healthy body. It is important to practice cardio exercises every few days because it raises the heart rate and this is where we reach a zone of high fat burning. If you want to lose fat quickly the best way to do it is with some good cardio exercises throughout the week that will help you to shed some pounds and lose fat. 


For those of you who love to be out in nature and in the fresh air - cycling is a great exercise choice that gives you the best of both worlds. Not only will you be able to have a lovely day out enjoying the sights but you will also be able to burn a lot of fat and really work your legs and your gluten. 


For a workout that will work every single muscle in the body there is no better option than swimming. Swimming allows you to enjoy a cooking workout that will put resistance against your body which you have to push through to move forward. It is effective for getting rid of a lot of the fat around your body and by going swimming once or twice a week you’ll soon see the difference in your overall health and fitness.

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