Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A Quick Guide To Making Tasty, Healthy Food The Whole Family Will Love

 Making healthy food that the whole family can agree is delicious can be a difficult task. It can feel like there’s always one who will complain no matter how hard you try - but here, you’re going to find some advice that will help you to make tasty, healthy food the whole family will love. Take a look and see what you can do:

Try Introducing One or Two Theme Nights

A fun way to add some excitement to the week and your food is to come up with one or two theme nights. These are nights that your family can look forward to. You could have an Italian, Mexican, or Chinese themed night, for instance. Not only will this introduce them to new foods and flavors, it could even get them interested in learning more about different cultures and visiting different places. 

Create A Meal Plan So There Are No Nasty Surprises

Having a meal plan set out at the start of the week will help everybody to avoid nasty surprises and look forward to the meals to come. Not only that, you'll have a much easier time food shopping. You’ll know exactly what you need to order or buy, and when you know exactly what you’re cooking you can make sure there’s no waste. When putting together your meal plan, try to make sure you have a good mix of meals on there and that each meal is as balanced as can be. Each meal should have vegetables, protein, fats, and carbs. 


Experiment With Different Herbs, Spices, and Ways of Cooking

Experimenting with different herbs, spices, and methods of cooking can make the dishes taste and look completely different. One of your kids may not like chicken, but add some zaatar spice and it might be a completely different story. Make a point of testing different sauces, herbs and other variables and see which ones end up winning the most votes at the table. Don’t forget to season your vegetables, either! Kids have a hard enough time with vegetables as it is, so try cooking those in unusual ways to make them taste nicer. 

Don’t Give Up If One Person Doesn’t Like The Food

Don’t fall at the first hurdle by giving up if one person doesn’t like the food. Did you know that kids need to be tried with a food multiple times before they get used to it and grow to like it? Be mindful of labelling one of your kids a ‘fussy eater’ too. Once they have that label, they will do everything they can to live up to it and could carry it with them through to adulthood. Try not to make a huge deal about their eating habits, as bringing lots of attention to them could encourage more of the same behaviour and then some. 

Making tasty, healthy food for the whole family will probably take some practice, but eventually, you’ll have everybody sitting down together eating a delicious meal. Thanks for reading!

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