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Dressing With Confidence on That All Important First Date

In today’s fast-paced world where it seems like we’re living to work and are rarely able to scrape together a few moments for ourselves, the prospect of finding someone special can seem more and more problematic. Of course it doesn’t help when all the attractive, interesting or downright drool-inducing colleagues at work or in your social group are already in relationships. Many find that turning to the digital realm is the best way for busy singles to meet other busy singles and form an attachment. But anyone who’s tried online dating apps knows that while it can have many benefits, it also comes with its fair share of caveats. And if you know someone who’s been trying to look for love online for a while they probably have their fair share of horror stories

In this climate of digital dating, we have often spent a great deal of time chatting to someone online, getting to know them and starting to form a picture of what they’re like as a person in our heads. If you’ve already found someone special with whom you might just have a chance of something that’ll last, you want to make the perfect first impression.

How you dress on your first date is extremely important. It’s not just about how you look for them. It’s about how you look for you. It’s about being able to feel confident and empowered. About being able to feel like the best possible version of you. This interaction might define your expectations of each other through the early stages of your relationship. Here are some tips to help you dress with confidence on that all-important first date...

Do your homework

Before you start to dress yourself take a look at the venue where your date will take place. Go there if you can. Take a look online if you can’t. Take a look at how other people are dressing. How formally or casually are they dressed? Does the restaurant, bar or cafe have a dress code? Are there any kinds of footwear or legwear that’s restricted? The last thing you want is to be bounced out of the venue for your first date. 

It also gives you an opportunity to change to an alternative venue if it looks a little too stuffy and formal. You want to be able to relax and be yourself, and you simply can’t do that if you’re constantly fighting the paranoia that you might be eating your soup with your dessert spoon. 

Use your eyes to make a connection

The eyes are the window into the soul. And they’re also essential in communication and making a connection with other people. As such, you should use those gorgeous peepers of yours to communicate and ignite that spark that you may just carry through your whole relationship.

If you wear glasses, invest in a pair that will add a certain something to your ensemble while also allowing your eyes to sparkle. Take a look at these Ray Ban glasses if you’re looking for inspiration. When it comes to eye makeup, keep it fairly minimal and natural. You want to draw attention to and subtly accentuate those two gifts that nature gave you rather than painting over them. 

Think long and hard about your shoes

Your footwear is an important consideration for your first date. A heel can flatter and lengthen the calf and make you look and feel more glamorous. It can also, however, make you less comfortable and less graceful. And depending on your date’s height, you may find yourself towering over them when you meet for the first time. At the same time, however, not all of us feel at our most flam in flats. By all means wear a heel, but wear a modest heel rather than a towering stiletto. If you and your date will wind up finishing the night with a moonlight stroll, you don’t want to punctuate every step with an “ouch”. 

You should also avoid overly elaborate shoes and leave yourself several options so that you can be sure that your shoes won’t clash with your outfit. If you’ve chosen a dark, classic ensemble your shoes might be an opportunity to add a sense of color, vibrancy and fun. On the other hand, if you want to play it safe, go for something dark and sleek… but remember that dirt and grime can stand out more on darker colored shoes. 

Hitting that sweet spot between glam and comfort

Obviously, you want to look good. But you don’t want to be worried that you’ll spend the whole date afraid to eat more than a forkful of rocket without bursting out of your slinky dress. There’s a sweet spot to be found right where glamor meets comfort. Your shoes, as we’ve discussed play a big part in this but they’re by no means the only area in which you’ll need to strike a balance.

You should start out with comfort in mind and then layer on the glam. You also need to think about the implications of the season. Shivering throughout your date isn’t a good look, but at the same time neither is sweating profusely. Wear something that you can move around in easily while also ensuring that you’re the right temperature.  It’s so crucial to be comfortable, so you can be you in the best possible sense. There are plenty of plus size boho dresses that give you plenty of breathing space, but they are also great to ensure you feel relaxed while you are showing off your attributes. Always choose a dress that makes you feel like you rather than something that looks great. It’s not easy, but you’re the priority here!

Jeans are always a safe bet. They can be dressed up or down. You can dress them flatteringly (skinny) or comfortably (boyfriend) and a few rips here and then can add a sense of fun and wildness to your ensemble. A silk camisole and blazer is a great combo that are appropriate for virtually any venue. Or, if you’d rather go with something a little lighter, try a shift dress. If your first date is a more casual affair, a cute blouse and a pair of boyfriend jeans are a reliable combination. 

If you feel that your outfit is missing a certain something, never forget the power of layering. A piece of statement jewelery, for instance can be a great talking point and lend a little extra personality and sparkle to your ensemble. 

Lead with your greatest asset

Confidence is the most important accessory that you can wear on your first date. There’s nothing more attractive in a prospective partner than self-confidence. What’s more, when you’re feeling confident you’re much more likely to be yourself. Conversation will flow more freely, you’ll feel better able to express yourself and your date will see exactly what makes you the wonderful human being that you are. 

But confidence isn’t a tap that we can turn on and off at will. Sometimes you need to start from the outside in. And if you’re feeling less than fabulous about your body (a shocking 80% of women in the US alone are unhappy with their appearance), this may be a challenge. Still, we all have at least one part of ourselves that we’re happy with. Lead with your greatest asset and plan your outfit accordingly. 

For instance, if you have great legs, lead with shorts or a skirt that flatter those fabulous assets. Just make sure you get the length right so that you don’t spend the whole date tugging at it. Want to show off those toned arms? Try a strapless maxi dress that shows them off. Great butt? Combine a pair of skinny jeans with something relatively tight up top to show off your butt-to-waist ratio. Fabulous eyes? As well as considering your eyewear, you might also want to dress in a color that really makes them pop.  

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How much do you show?

You want to make the right impression. Yet, while you should choose an ensemble with a wow factor that shows off your best assets, you should be conscious of how much you show. In your zeal to make your date’s jaw drop be wary of showing too much. You want to leave a little something to their imagination. Wear clothes that fit but be wary of anything that’s too tight. By all means show a little skin, but aim to achieve balance in your outfit. For instance, if you want to show off those amazing legs,try balancing it out by wearing a top with long sleeves. Alternatively, if you want to show off your arms or a little torso, try pairing backless or low cut tops with long pants or a maxi skirt. While you shouldn’t cover up your best assets, going as minimal and as natural as possible is the best way to make the right impression on a first date. 

No matter what your size or shape, there’s always something in your wardrobe that will help you to look and feel like your best self. The key is to choose clothes, shoes and accessories that will give your data an insight into your style, your taste and your personality while also helping you to feel confident and gorgeous. 

Empowered by the right outfit, you’ll be able to get a potentially perfect relationship off to the best possible start. 

Have a wonderful time!

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