Friday, October 4, 2019

5 Ways To Make Your Moving Experience Fun

Moving is a task that most people dread, but it has to happen at some point. If you have to get it done one way or another, why not try to make the process just a little more fun? Today, I want to share 5 ways to make your moving experience (more) fun. Here are my best tips:

Create A Playlist

One thing that every moving experience should have is a great playlist that is custom made for the entire family. If you are making your kids pack with you, make sure to add songs that they love, as well. The reason why I believe that creating a playlist is so important is because music gets you up and moving, it makes the mood happier, and when you are happier, you are having more fun. Dance and sing while you pack to get the good vibes flowing. You could even play a game by guessing who the artist of the song is - that is always fun, or you could take turns dancing and creating a show for the others who are currently packing or cleaning.

Eat Good Food

Okay, so if you are one of those families that eats in all of the time, make your moving experience fun by going out to eat instead. Celebrate packing and cleaning with GOOD FOOD. For me, at least, good food is an instant uplifter, so if you are struggling with your mood while packing and cleaning, take the time to plan your meals to lift your spirits up. In addition to great meals, make sure you are fueling your body, as well. This means that you should have a large cooler with bottled water and healthy snacks such as fruit, nuts, and maybe even some sandwiches. Whatever keeps everyone happy while also fueling your body! 

Play A Game
Make your moving process into a game. Think: friendly competition with friends and family members when it comes to this. When you are packing, see who can finish their room first. Whoever the winner is, gets to choose where you are eating that night! While this is just one game, get creative and find something that works for you and the people who are helping with your move. This can be extremely useful when the move starts to wear on everyone and boredom begins to set in.

Don’t Rush
One of the best ways to make moving a pleasant experience is by taking your time and not rushing. If you have to rush, there is no way that you will have fun. Instead, you will just be stressed out and in over your head. In order to have fun, take your time while moving. This means starting in advance, checking off a ‘to do’ list, and enlisting helpers sooner rather than later. The sooner you start, the better - trust me on this. 

Hire Atlanta Peach Movers
Last but not least, the way to have the most fun is by not having to do it at all! This sounds like a dream, right? Well, if so, then just hire Atlanta Peach Movers to do the work for you. Atlanta Peach Movers has over 30 years of proven experience with a fleet of 38 moving vehicles. They are known as Atlanta’s premier, full-service moving company. They offer residential, commercial, long distance, white glove, international moving services, as other great services as well - such as packing done for you + storage. Because of their many years of experience, no job is too big or too small for them and they believe in doing an excellent job at a fair price, without hidden charges or fees.

One great thing about working with Atlanta Peach Movers is the fact that their employees are professionally trained. They go through an extensive training program called Peach University, which is an on-site training facility. They say, “Every employee is thoroughly trained before ever participating in a move, and all employees are required to revisit the training facility for continued instruction throughout the year. We have one of the lowest claims percentages in the country because we make sure our professional movers do the job right the first time.” 

With Atlanta Peach Movers, you will get a highly trained employee (not contractor) that knows what they are doing, they will shrink wrap and pad all furniture items prior to moving them at no additional cost, and you will have extra peace of mind knowing that they are licensed by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles Safety for Household Moving (and carry the required insurance coverage).

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