Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Are These Your Biggest Frustrations With Your Cell Phone?

Where would we be without our cell phones? Chances are, you're reading this article on your phone right now, and it might also be your best source for staying in touch with your friends, managing your finances, and watching those adorably funny cat videos on YouTube. 

In so many ways, our phones are a real blessing to our lives. On the other hand, they can also be a curse, and here are two of the reasons why.

#1: You're just about to complete that Candy Crush level when… your battery dies!

We say Candy Crush, but it could well be any other game that has an addictive hold on your life. Or you might be halfway through a phone call, midway through answering a text, or just about to begin a Netflix binge on your miniature screen. When your phone battery dies, part of you dies with it, especially when you don't have your charger at hand to get it working again.

Tip: We can't offer you much advice for your dead battery (you will just have to restart that level on Candy Crush), but we can give you some tips to preserve your battery life. For starters, close any apps that you aren't using, as these will drain your battery. Turn down the brightness of your screen too, and if it has a battery saving mode, turn it on. Check out these helpful guidelines to further help you preserve the life of your battery, although as one other piece of advice, you might also consider spending less time with your phone so it lasts longer when you genuinely need to use it. 

#2: Your heart breaks along with your phone's screen when you accidentally drop it

You might accidentally drop your phone when you're in the middle of an extensive workout. Or you might hasten to get it out of your pocket when you hear it ring and then fumble and drop it in your mad rush to find out who's calling you. Whatever the case, when you hear the thud of phone on concrete, you will dread the outcome. A small crack might seem insignificant, but it could damage your touchscreen once water or moisture gets in. And a large crack will obviously ruin your day, if not your whole life (we are exaggerating, but we're sure you know the feeling), as you will never get to see who's calling you (or check Facebook) because your visibility will be obscured.

Tip: All hope isn't lost when your phone screen cracks. There are loads of repair services online and off who will fix your phone for a small fee. Check out this iPhone X repair service, for example. However, prevention is your best solution. Invest in a screen protector for your phone, as well as a sturdy case, and check out our phone safety tips, which are especially useful for when you're working out.


Of course, there may be other frustrations you have with your phone. Perhaps it's when you get a text from your service provider in the middle of the night (hint: turn your phone off), or it could be when it proves less than durable when you drop it in the bath; here are some useful tips. Or you might have 101 other frustrations. Let us know, and if you have any suggestions to the issues we raised here, please let us know!

Thanks for reading!

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