Friday, November 16, 2018

The Right Ways to Motivate Your Kids in Sports

Most parents want their children to well at something. That could be a sport, acting, a musical instrument or anything else. The secret is to motivate them with them realizing you are doing it, so they do not think you are being pushy.

As they get older they will start to make more choices for themselves, and then the chance may be gone to encourage them in anything. So when should you start and just how far should you encourage them to go?

Ask How It Went

After they have had a sports session ask them how it went. Don’t press them with loads of questions, but listen carefully to what they have to say. If they shrug their shoulders and say it was fine, they are probably not to keen on that particular sport.

However, if they tell you much more about it with enthusiasm, there stands a good chance that they really enjoy the sport. You should leave them to tell you about it though. One or two questions will show them you care enough to ask, but throwing lots of questions at them will make them feel pressured.

Give Them Chances

Give them the chances to play sports outside of school. If, for instance, basketball is the game they love, let them know that you have been looking at how good the local team is, how much fun they have and even how great the youth basketball uniforms look, so they know that you’re open to them joining. Tell them there is no pressure to do anything, but you just wanted to be aware of what is around if they do choose to play a game outside of school.

Some children are not too concerned about playing in team activities and may want to go to the gym to workout or play a game such as tennis where they are reliant on their own skills.

As long as they are aware that you are prepared to put yourself out to take them wherever they need to go for their chosen sport, you need to leave it at that and not push them into it.

Make Sure You Watch

Whatever sport they choose, even if it is one you hate, as a parent, you should attend every match they play. You do not need to go over the top with praise when they have won, but let them know you are proud of what they achieved. Especially as teenagers, too much fuss can embarrass them, and a well done or well played is often enough for them.

Let them know that all the hard work they did in practice sessions paid off, as that is a good life lesson they need to learn. If they want to bask in the glory that is fine, they just need to know they have your approval and love and that you are proud of them.

If they are very keen on a sport they will push themselves to do well, and all you will need to do is be there when they need you. But remember, some kids do not like sports of any kind and with those children you should never try to push them into one.

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