Tuesday, June 26, 2018

How to Restore an Ill-Maintained Wig to Its Former Glory (Step-By-Step Guide)

There are tons of information on how to maintain a wig. However, the problem is most women start looking for wig maintenance tips only after their wigs have matted out. This is their last-ditch effort to salvage the wig before they decide to trash it.
Old ill-maintained wigs usually have four major problems.
  1. They are frizzy
  2. They are tangled
  3. They are dull
  4. They are stiff (Thanks to all the accumulated dirt)
Considering these are the major problems, we will discuss the best ways to restore your old and unmaintained wig to its original glory. The following tips work on all types of wigs right from short pixies to long fall wigs for women. Without further ado, here’s the first step.

Step-1: Detangle
Things you need: Patience and a wide-toothed comb.
This is a time-consuming process and sadly there are no shortcuts here. You need to sit down with your damaged wig and detangle the strands by hand. Separate tough knots by hand and then comb over using a wide-tooth comb. Make sure the teeth of the comb are nice and smooth so that they don’t damage the delicate strands. Depending on the type of wig you have you probably need to dedicate 30 mins to 1 hour before you complete the chore of detangling the wig. So, get into a comfortable position with enough back support and start untying the knots. Once done, move on to the next step.

Step-2: Prepare a Hot Bath
Things you need: Clean sink, hot water, and shampoo.
Why hot? Because hot water helps to remove sticky dirt. If you have an old wig that has gone stiff, then pouring hot water on it will help remove the accumulated dirt. Here’s a technique that works. Split the wig into sections (4 or 5) by tying them up with hair bands. When you are done you should have a wig with 4 to 5 ponytails. This ensures the hair doesn’t detangle during the bath. To ensure the hot water effectively removes all dirt it’s best to apply some shampoo on the dry hair. Once prepped, gently pour in the hot water until shampoo is rinsed off.

Step-3 Rinse Using Cold Water
Things you need: Cold water, sink.
This step is purely for getting rid of any remaining shampoo and give the wig a second wash after it’s hot bath. Now because the water is cool, you can work your fingers to ensure a thorough clean.
Step-4: Apply a High-Quality Conditioner
Things you need: A conditioner, wide-tooth comb, and a plastic bag.
Now, that the shampoo is rinsed off and your wig is nice and clean, it’s time to moisturize. Use a high-quality moisturizing product that’s recommended for your wig. If you are restoring an old and dry wig, then you need to apply copious amounts of moisturizer. Use a comb and your fingers to ensure each and every strand is nicely moisturized. The next step is to gently put the wig inside a plastic bag and then sealing the bag. This ensures the moisturizer doesn’t get drained off the wig and it gives the hair strands enough time to absorb it all.
Step-5: Rinse and Dry
Things you need: Leave-in conditioner, cold water, and wig stand.
This is a fairly easy step. You need to rinse off the conditioner from the wig and then leave it to air dry. Don’t try to speed up the process by blow drying the wig. Use a wig stand (if you have one) to ensure all the strands are nicely separated when air drying. As an optional step, you can spray some leave-in conditioner as the wig dries.

Once the wig is dry and then styled you should be left with a fully-restored wig that’s ready to be worn in public.

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