Tuesday, April 3, 2018

5 Most Annoying Things About Supermarket Shopping

The reason why shopping queues are so long! (image)

Let’s face it; grocery shopping is a necessity. You have to eat, right? However, as any parent (or any human being for that matter) can testify, the supermarket market experience can be very annoying. Consider the following as examples.

Annoyance Factor #1: Other people

If only the supermarket would open specifically for you. Unfortunately, they don’t, and so you have to deal with every other shopper scouring the store. From those people who stop and chat in the most inconvenient of places (usually right in front of your trolley) to the people who take forever emptying their purse at the checkout, your normal persona is liable to be taken over by trolley rage. Of course, you’re too respectful for that, so you politely wait, despite your building frustration.

Annoyance Factor #2: Long check-out queues

It’s a fine art trying to work out which queue is going to go down the soonest. As the shopper, you can have a nosey into other people’s trolleys, trying to figure out how long it will take for them to get past the till. You stand for ages in one queue, and when you realize you have picked the wrong one, you then maneuver yourself into another. Of course, the queue you were previously in was the right one after all, but rather than keep swapping, you eventually resign yourself. When you finally get to the till with relief and exultation, your stress levels return as your credit card declined, and now you’re the one holding up the line (hint: head down, avoid eye contact, and get out of there).

Annoyance Factor #3: The price of food

Probably the reason for your credit card declining, the price of food always seems to be on the rise. Not only does it get more expensive, but you also get less quantity for your buck. Those chocolate bars really are getting smaller by the day! However, there are plenty of ways you can save money on your groceries, from using coupons to buying in bulk, so you can do yourself a few favors when trying to shop on your limited budget.

Annoyance Factor #4: Children

Children are great until you get into the supermarket. From those ‘other’ children with their parents, the ones who scream at their moms and the moms who scream back, to your own children with their cries of “I want one” and “are we going home yet?”, you can’t be blamed for being driven to distraction. While you can’t do anything about those children who don’t belong to you, there are a few tips here to make shopping with your kids less tortuous.

Annoyance Factor #5: Broken trolleys

While you could get a basket, it’s probably best to play it safe and take a trolley - you don’t want your arms to drop off, after all. Still, it’s strange how you always seem to get that trolley that doesn’t quite work right. You know what we mean, the one that turns left when you’re trying to turn right, or the one that collides with somebody else’s trolley when you’re trying to move past them… on second thoughts, maybe you did mean to collide with that trolley. If that person was one of those ‘stop and chatters’ from point #1, your trolley rage probably got the better of you. Still, you can always blame it on your ‘broken’ trolley anyway!

Not only but also…

We haven’t had time to cover those other annoying things about supermarket shopping - self-checkout machines that never recognize your items, bags that break as you leave the door, and the grumpy old people buzzing around on their scooters! Still, nothing’s perfect, so you just have to grin and bear it. Either that, or do the clever thing and do your shopping online! Thanks for reading, and let us know about those things that annoy you when you go supermarket shopping.

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