Thursday, March 29, 2018

The Confidence Code for Girls

THE CONFIDENCE CODE FOR GIRLS, the new book from journalists and New York Times Bestselling authors Claire Shipman (former correspondent for ABC, NBC, and CNN) and Katty Kay (anchor of BBC World News America, based in Washington DC and host of Beyond 100 Days on PBS/BBC) will be released on April 3, 2018. As the mommy of 3 girls, I immediately jumped on the opportunity to receive an Advance Reader Copy of this timely book!

As the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements continue to push the cultural dialogue forward around sexual harassment, gender equality and women in the workplace, women are using their voices and advocating for change more than ever. We are living through a long-needed reckoning that will indelibly change our society for the better. Shipman and Kay are setting their sights on the next generation, giving them the tools they need to become confident, empowered young women.

From the authors of The Confidence Code comes the definitive roadmap to confidence creation in girls at the age when it matters most – middle school. Research shows that girls experience a fairly significant drop in confidence when they hit puberty and girls are also quite a bit less confident than boys.

Along with the book, they are releasing an exclusive poll they’ve conducted on the state of confidence for girls with some dramatic data showing how much confidence plummets for girls during puberty.

It's essential to raise girls to be strong and confident enough to speak up when things don't feel or seem right; and to remind them it's not their job to please people. Shipman and Kay know from experience--they both are mothers of girls.

The overarching themes in THE CONFIDENCE CODE FOR GIRLS include:

  • EMBRACE RISK - Risk more; put yourself out there.
  • DEAL WITH FAILURE - Accept and deal with failure.
  • KNOW YOUR BRAIN - Curb rumination, over-thinking and perfectionism.
  • TAKE ACTION - Become a "girl of action" to unleash your confidence and do amazing things.

This empowering, entertaining guide is filled to the brim with fun quizzes, lists, challenges, graphic novel strips and true stories from tons of real girls, that teach the essential yet elusive code to becoming bold, brave, and fearless. Published by HarperCollins, THE CONFIDENCE CODE FOR GIRLS is extremely timely in a world with a renewed dedication to raising strong girls.

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