Monday, March 5, 2018

Learn to LOVE COLORED PENCILS with this new book from Quarto!

Book provided for review/feature consideration

Artist Vivian Wong believes one way beginner or "baby-artists" learn is by copying what they see. Love Colored Pencils is designed to enable exactly this. First, Vivian demonstrates a technique or she colors in a subject, and next the reader is encouraged to copy what they see, drawing directly in the book. Exercises throughout offer fun ways to explore drawing while being inspired by Vivian popular and colorful drawing style. This is a book for all levels of artist who want to explore this versatile and fun medium with a colorful and talented artist baby step by baby step.


How to Get Awesome at Drawing: An Interactive Draw-in-the-Book Journal

By Vivian Wong
$19.99 US · $25.99 CAN · 128 pages · Paperback
ISBN: 9781631593758
Quarry Books

I definitely aspire to be a "baby-artist" and the gorgeous book will definitely help me to feel like a more accomplished (or "adolescent" perhaps) artist - lol! :) 

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