Wednesday, October 4, 2017

From Work to Workout: Gym Clothes You Can Wear Anywhere

Carting your gym kit around with you and getting changed before your workouts can be a pain. Sometimes, like when you're going to a community-run fitness class, you might not even have somewhere suitable to change. What would be great is if you could go straight from home or even work wearing your gym clothes, without feeling like you're not fit to be seen out in the open. Gym clothes are often pretty casual and can be revealing too so they can seem inappropriate for wearing outside of the gym. Fortunately, there are things you can wear anywhere that are suitable for your workouts too.

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Yoga Pants

When you're working out, you want pants that aren't too loose but are flexible and stretchy too. Yoga pants are ideal, providing the stretch you need and plenty of comfort. But you perhaps can't imagine wearing them outside of the gym. Workout leggings can put an awful lot on show, which you might love, but it can make them a risky choice for picking up the kids from school. It's easier than you might think to dress them up though, and you could even get away with wearing them to work. It's all about the pair you choose and what you wear them with. A long-line top or a dress or skirt will give you a bit more modesty.

Comfortable Tunic Tops

Your workout top needs to be comfortable too. But, as much as you might like to only wear a sports bra on a hot day, it's usually not the best choice for any activity other than working out. If you want a workout top you might be able to wear to the office, a tunic top is a great choice. Several workout clothing brands offer flowing tunic tops that are ideal for exercise but also smart and presentable. You could go straight from the office to the gym with the right choice of top. Just make sure it's not anything too loose that's flashing your bra or slipping down your shoulders.


Your workout shoes have to be one of the easiest items to wear outside of the gym. They might be a bit too casual to wear to work, but you're not going to feel too exposed or scandalize anyone by wearing your sneakers. If you want some that are a bit smarter so you can wear them to more places, try going for black ones and avoiding a look that's too sporty. If they're a fairly plain design, you can sometimes even get away with wearing them to work.

Sweaters and Long Sleeves

When you're getting sweaty, you probably want to only have one light layer on. It's always a good idea to have a sweater you can take to the gym, though, especially when you're cooling down. Having a sweater or a long-sleeved layer you can put on over your other clothes can immediately make any gym outfit work for outside of the gym too. You can stay warm and cover up anything that's a bit too casual.

You don't need to change your clothes completely when you get to the gym. Choose the right pieces, and you can wear your gym clothes all day.

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