Friday, August 18, 2017

Multi-Task Your Morning's Eight O’Clock® Coffee

Eight O’Clock® Coffee, a premium coffee brand with over a 150 year legacy, releases three new varieties to its recently launched Infusions line. Eight O’ClockCoffee Infusions are thoughtfully crafted coffees made with 100% Arabica beans and blended with additional ingredients to deliver an enhanced coffee drinking experience for consumers and to drive incremental sales in the coffee aisle. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

Featuring one of the most popular ingredients of 2017, SUPER SPICE is a medium roast blended with turmeric and cinnamon – a perfectly balanced, smooth, mild spiced blend to awaken the senses. ACAI GLOW, also a medium roast, features acai berry for a rich, fruity, vibrant coffee experience. And B6 Metabolism is dark roasted and crafted to help support normal energy yielding metabolism with a fruit and herbal blend rich in vitamin B6.

These new Eight O’Clock coffees join ALERT and RELAX, released last Fall, to round out the Infusions line with 5 varieties. ALERT is blended with guarana and caffeine for an extra kick of caffeine, and RELAX is a decaf brew gently blended with cuts of chamomile and lavender – perfect for a calm moment. 

“Consumers have become more savvy and are seeking out products that provide an enhanced experience – these extensions to the Eight O’Clock family are unique and disruptive in the coffeeaisle,” said David Allen, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Tata Global Beverages USA. “These additions continue to speak to the game changing innovation of the Infusions line and provide new reasons for consumers to enjoy coffee throughout the day.” Allen added.

It’s a fact that today’s consumer wants more from their everyday beverages. Retailers have responded by offering numerous new innovative products in other categories and now they can offer innovation in the coffee aisle to respond to consumer needs and stimulate category growth. 

Eight O’Clock Coffee Infusions are available nationwide in 10 oz. bags.

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