Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Vichy's Biggest Launch of 2017

The breakthrough formula of Vichy's new Mineral 89 is comprised of 89% Vichy Thermal Water, proprietary to Vichy and naturally rich in 15 minerals. Derived from volcanic territory in Vichy, France, this water is integrated in EVERY Vichy product, but until Mineral 89, the highest concentration of the Thermal Water in any Vichy product has been 10% (aside, of course, from their hero product Thermal Spray :). {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

The new product though, has 89% + the addition of Hyaluronic Acid which they’ve discovered actually boosts the performance of the Mineralizing Water, essentially boosting the skins resistance to daily aggressors.

Vichy is positioning this product as the must–have for any skincare routine. Just like brushing your teeth every morning after you wake up, you should be using this product every morning after you wash your face. I read about in InStyle recently and was immediately intrigued so I was super excited when I received a bottle to review. I'll be bringing it with me on our roadtrip to New Jersey to put it to the ultimate test. Stay tuned to my Instagram feed for before, progress, and after pics and opinions to see how it improves my skin and fits into my skincare routine! Until next time...

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