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Introducing JIRANO BEAUTY- Results-Oriented Haircare Line for Curly Hair Based on Global National Ingredients

Hair expert Jane Nyachiro is energized and excited about the launch of her new haircare brand, Jirano Beauty. With a Colgate-worthy smile and perfectly smooth curls spiraling around her shoulders, it’s easy to see how her line – co-founded with her twin sister, Jedi – has become so successful in such as short period of time. She’s her own walking billboard for the products, which focuses on all-natural, vegan-friendly formulas based on ingredients indigenous to her native Africa, specifically for women with curly, textured hair. She’s the ultimate testimony that natural ingredients are powerful enough alone to restore hair back to life. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

“I remember one experience where I had a texturizer put on my hair,” Nyachiro begins to explain. After the stylist left the chemicals on too long, she ended up with straight, broken pieces of hair all over her head. “And then on top of that, she went in with heating tools and damaged it further!”
Though she can laugh about the experience now, the frustrating event forced Nyachiro to reassess the products she was using. Relying on her family tradition of mixing her own restorative formulas when salon-ready products weren’t doing the trick, Nyachiro began experimenting with recipes. “In the process, I found an ingredient that really, really worked for me. And I thought, ‘Hey, this is like bottled hope for damaged hair! I really should share this with other people.’”
It was then that she and her sister realized their destiny was closely intertwined with their family traditions and culture. Jirano, which means neighborhood in Swahili, became the perfect, all-inclusive and community-oriented name for their brand. “It is our belief that we are all neighbors, and the world is our village, because what we do in one corner of the planet affects all of us.”
As a young girl around the age of seven, Jane remembers making family trips to her local market in Africa on the weekends to source ingredients for her mother’s “magic” recipes. Fruits and coconuts from the coast of Kenya, the best shea picked at the optimum time, vanilla from Madagascar, aloe harvested just after the rain, spices from around the world and more went into the hand-ground formulas that transformed their hair into beautifully nourished and easily manageable tresses. “We loved the entire ritual.” She remembers. “It was our mother’s way of sharing her love.” But it wasn’t until around the age of 19 that Jane and Jedi began purchasing their own ingredients and experimenting with recipes.

Though the formulas have been tweaked over time to accommodate larger production and varying hair textures, the integrity of the products remains the same. The twins continue to scour the world for the highest-quality ingredients for their line. “Depending on what we’re making, we find the best, most effective ingredients and whatever country has the best is where we source it from.”

And each new recipe in the line is 100% tested on Jane herself – never on animals. “We don’t use anything that violates animals or takes from animals. I believe that it’s important for me to play my small role showing that there’s other ways to test products rather than violating animals or torturing them. You can still have a great product without testing on animals.” Nyachiro also enjoys the simplicity of creating a line free of harsh chemicals.

The strategy seems to be paying off, as testimonials are filling her email inbox daily. “I remember one in particular where a woman said, ‘I thought my curls were dead. I just used your shampoo, followed by the leave-in conditioner, and finally the definer, and my curls are alive again!’ She was so excited that I could feel it through the email.” The euphoria she felt from this positive testimonial is evident in her bright smile as she recalls the correspondence.

The leave-in conditioner happens to be Jane’s personal favorite product from her line, due to its functional versatility as both a cream and a spray. “It’s my go to. If I’m in a rush, I don’t need to shower. I just spray it in my hair and I’m done.”

Though she’s careful to remind consumers that the number one key to having beautifully styled hair is to start with hair that’s hydrated and well-moisturized first. “If you start with super dry hair, you’re going to have a dry style in the end. It’s going to be frizzy, it won’t look as good.”

The Jirano Beauty line currently contains four essential products – Coconut Shampoo, Silky Coconut Conditioner, Coconut Silk Curl Definer and the Bombay Hair Growth Serum and each smells good enough to eat! The sisters, who split all their responsibilities for the management of the company, have big plans in place for expansion. In addition to creating numerous products for the line, the Nyachiro sisters are eager to put the name Jirano Beauty to work and create a community around the brand that will inspire and motivate others. “We want to link ourselves to a cause that supports women and children in developing countries,” Jane explains. “That’s our vision and way of giving back.”
The confidence that beams from her reassures that it will all be possible. “If there’s something you really want to do, you can do it,” she states emphatically. “If it’s something you want to be inspired by from your past, you can bring that something to life if you really believe in it. For me, that’s Jirano Beauty!”

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