Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Keep Track of Your Childrens Vitamins with MedCenter

Most children have probably heard at least one of their parents say, "Don't forget to take your vitamin!" or "Eat your salad — it's packed with vitamins!”. Vitamins and minerals are substances that are found in foods we eat and are essential to the development of children. {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

For example:
Vitamin D in milk helps your bones.
Vitamin A in carrots helps you see at night.
Vitamin C in oranges helps your body heal if you get a cut.
B vitamins in whole grains help your body make energy from food.

In the early years of development children need to have a regular intake of vitamins and MedCenter is a great product to help parents keep track of their children’s supplements. MedCenter Systems creates products that help users organize, alert and carry their medication to reduce the risk involved by not maintaining the proper medication regimen.


The MedCenter Organizer allows the user to organize a full month’s worth of medication or vitamins at a time. The Organizer features thirty-one individual pill boxes that can be removed and taken with you as needed or remain with the Organizer stand for ease of convenience. Pair the Organizer with the MedCenter Talking Clock and you have a complete monthly medication organizer and reminder system. Talking Clock sold separately.

• 31 DAILY PILL BOXES organize your medications or vitamins by the month

• EASY OPEN LIDS on Pill Boxes allow for easy access to needed medications

• RED & GREEN COLOR CODING shows when daily dose is complete

Because pills and vitamins differ greatly in overall size, in order to better answer the question of how many pills / vitamins will each pill box hold, they calculated the amount of Advil® and m&m® candies would fit in each compartment and Pill Box:

Standard Pill Box (Price: $37.95)

(16) Advil® per dose compartment or (64) Advil® total per Pill Box

(10) m&m® candies per dose compartment or (40) m&m® candies per Pill Box

MedCenter Talking Alarm Clock has a suggested retail price of $39.95. More products can be seen at http://www.medcentersystems.com/Store.html

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