Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stay Fresh When You're On The Go with Ban!

With the temperatures rising, things can get a little too hot for comfort – especially when you’re on the go! This season, stay fresh and odor free no matter where life takes you thanks to Ban Roll-On Deodorant, your everyday, feel-fresh essential that lasts all day long! It has quickly become my oldest daughter's favorite antiperspirant - which is saying a lot because she is particularly picky when it comes to that. Lol!

Ban Roll-On Deodorant glides on easily with a formula that provides an outstanding 24 hours of invisible protection against odor wetness. With Ban’s breakthrough technology, this formula specifically targets and virtually eliminates (not cover up) stress odor that other antiperspirants and deodorants may leave behind! Choose your favorite scent in:

- Regular for a light and clean floral fragrance

- Powder Fresh for a classic powder scent

- Satin Breeze for a feminine touch with green and citrus notes

- Fresh Cotton for a refreshing floral heart with a hint of fruit

- Simply Clean for fresh and powdery amber notes with hint of peach nectar

- Unscented for sensitive skin

When I was a teenager, I knew two lovely girls, who dressed well, were quite pretty, and had very pleasant personalities. However, they were best known amongst our peers {and, I'm quite certain, those outside of our age group}  for the fact that there was always an underlying yet undeniable funk in the air around them and even now, many many years later, that odor is the first thing that comes to mind when I recall either of them. I bring this up in order to make clear, albeit in a roundabout sort of manner, deodorant and/or antiperspirant should be a vital part of one's daily routine. And at $4.99 a bottle {and easily accessible at drug stores and mass retailers} Ban Roll-On Deodorant is a swell way to attend to the matter. Until next time...

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