Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sweat It Out Then Suds It Up

Hit the showers just as hard as you hit the gym! Working on your physique doesn’t have to end at the gym; taking care of your skin is just another way you can get the body you deserve. Using body soaps & scrubs that actually lift sweat, grease and grime off your body will give it time to breathe and get ready for the next gym session.  {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

Key West Aloe Frangipani Bath & Shower Gel ($6.00; www.keywestaloe.com) - Post warrior pose showers need to make you feel like the goddess you are, with the aromas from the Columbia flower Frangipani you can treat yourself to relaxing rinse!

Surya Brasil Sapien Women Vegan Body Scrub ($37.59; www.suryabrasilproducts.com) - After finishing that last lap this organic body scrub will exfoliate and lift all the sweat and everyday grime from your body.

Scientific Organics Citrus Kombucha Body Wash ($36.00; www.emerginc.com) - Reward your overworked body with the gentle feel of kombucha, great for sensitive skin that need attention.

With these products, any gym native will be able to wash off their daily routine, just in time to start it all over again. From deep cleansing to a quick rinse, there's something for every type of body with Key West Aloe, Surya Brasil and emerginC

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