Saturday, August 15, 2015

Prep Your Fall Wardrobe with Dryel! {Sponsored}

Back to school is here! One of my absolute favorite parts of back to school season is back to school shopping - mostly for the school supplies {oh, how I love SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!}, but also for all the cute clothes! I have three daughters so clothes shopping can be hard on the wallet. One of the ways we have found to keep the girls' closets full of cute clothes is by shopping at consignment shops. It's a great and inexpensive way to get quality, higher end pieces in their wardrobe. {Product provided as part of my ambassadorship}
We've been able to find some real gems this way, including the gorgeous GapKids peacoat pictured above. It's the perfect size for Lo - and because I'm particular about how I take care of the girls' clothes - it'll be perfect for Kenzie next year too! 

That's another one of my secrets to saving money - I'm a true believer in hand-me-downs for my girls. We keep it in the family! It starts with buying quality pieces {at the best price possible} and handling them with care when it comes to laundering. That used to mean washing everything in cold water and hanging everything to dry, but that doesn't work for every article of clothing, plus it can be tedious and time consuming. But now that I've discovered the wonders of Dryel, my job has gotten a lot easier. 

The first step I take when we've scored some great buys at consignment, is wash them IMMEDIATELY! Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner safely cleans the clothes you love in your dryer without fading, shrinking, or stretching them. The unique line of environmentally friendly laundry products contains no harsh chemicals, so it's safe for most of your garments and for the entire family. Dryel leaves your clothes fresh and wonderfully clean. It's so easy to use too!

The patented Dryel at-home dry cleaning system uses the power of steam to clean and deodorize clothing – all in your own dryer - a process that fits easily into your current laundry routine. It quickly refreshes and renews clothes in only 15 minutes or for a deep clean, you can opt to tumble your clothing in the dryer for 30 minutes. Dryel safely and thoroughly cleans clothes, protects colors and preserves shape without any harsh chemicals.

Not only is time for back to school, Fall is almost here! What is your favorite fall accessory or clothing item for Fall? Do you have a beloved item that you reach for every Autumn? Keep it as good as new and freshen up your entire Fall wardrobe with Dryel! Until next time...

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