Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Infographic: Playground Safety Guide for Parents

With summer in full swing and fall right around the corner, are you getting ready to add an exciting playground to your backyard for the kiddos? If you're wondering how to design the perfect play area for your little ones, it is essential to keep safety a top focus. Luckily, PishPosh Baby has your back, as they teamed up with Rubbermulch.com to bring you the ultimate "Playground Safety Guide for Parents" infographic!

From advice on what to inspect the playground for to insight on the correct length of the soft surface under the swings, the Playground Safety Guide for Parents has essential tips that all moms and dads should know when setting up their play area. It will help you plan the perfect playground for plenty of "fun in the sun" days with the little ones! Until next time...

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  1. Great chart and I'll be sharing it. Oh my, the appropriate for age part reminds me when I got stuck in a weird hut thing on a local playground when I was a young child. I'd climbed up but was too afraid to go over the bridge made of tires which lead to a slide. Thankfully, it was not during school recess and my mother was there to help me get down.

    A lot of the playgrounds were not up to safety code when I was young too (everything was made out of wood and I remember there were nails sticking out). I believe they've solved the problem nowadays but it's still good to check and evaluate to see if the playground equipment looks safe.


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