Wednesday, August 26, 2015

4 Instant Beauty Fixes for Skin and Hair!

{Product provided for review/feature consideration}

FRIZZY HAIR: Sun Bum Beach Formula Shine On is the best at not only mending and repairing split ends but also in conditioning with Coconut and Avocado oils! This lives in my purse for on the go hair fixes for me and my daughters. It smells fantastic and makes our hair so soft and shiny!

OILY, SHINY SKIN: Lumene Bright Now Blur is the best at minimizing the appearance of pores and making skin matte – with added Vitamin C for brightening! This is perfect for touch ups throughout the day. I also use it when I don't want to wear any makeup and it gives my skin such a smooth appearance!

DULL, BLEH SKIN: Smashbox’s LA Lights is the best multitasker – use it as a blush, lip stain or just to give color to your face! This is so perfect for running out to carpool or the bus stop - it's enough to give you some polish and color without looking overdone!

DRY, SPOTTY SKIN: Lumene’s Complete Rewind Visible Wrinkle Eraser can be used for such more than just obliterating wrinkles over time – it has Arctic Sea Buckthorn to plump, moisturize and revitalize skin! I'm not gonna lie - for now, I don't have a lot of need for this on my face, but I have found that it makes a great hand moisturizer as well!

What are your favorite products and tips for keeping up your look on the go? My inquiring mind wants to know! Until next time...

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