Thursday, April 2, 2015

Little Twig Calming Lavender Baby Wash

Meet a new very cool new, all-natural, eco-friendly, paraben- and toxin-free personal care line for your entire family! Little Twig products are developed with the advice of pediatricians and real-life parents to provide families with a safe and natural bath time alternative. They utilize the most effective organic and botanical ingredients in a simple recipe for pure and gentle personal care. Each product is an example of their commitment to quality, so they completely guarantee each product. {Product sent out for feature/review consideration}

Little Twig Calming Lavender Baby Wash (www.littletwig.com) - This all-natural blend of soothing lavender, restorative chamomile and gentle bubbles turns your tub into a sanctuary of tranquil bath time bliss. It provides aromatherapy benefits that are calming and relaxing, encouraging a better night’s sleep for baby. Even though my girls are not babies anymore, I love the gentle formula and soothing scent - it's a perfect addition to their bed time routine.

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