Thursday, March 19, 2015

Become an Insta-Princess with Disney Inspired Beauty Tools!

Aurora Fairy Sponges 3-Piece 

London SOHO New York brings the royal treatment to Walgreens with its new line of makeup brushes and sponges featuring 5 classic Disney princess characters: Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora and Snow White. This Disney Princess collection for women includes face brushes, eye brushes, and beauty sponges with charm and style, fit for any princess. The collection is designed to blend Disney’s enchanting style with London SOHO New York’s fun flair for FUNKtionality.  {Product provided for review/feature consideration}

Aurora Fairy Sponges 3-Piece (pictured above; $12.99, Walgreens) - the set includes 3 sponges for specialized uses. Blue Fairy Sponge – Egg shaped dome gradually builds coverage where needed. Green Fairy Sponge – Wide base covers large areas such as the cheekbone, forehead and neck. Pink Fairy Sponge – Pointed tip is perfect for under eyes and in corners.

Snow White Spellbound Beauty Sponge

Snow White Spellbound Beauty Sponge ($9.99, Walgreens) - The unique shape works well with both liquids and creams; the pointed end for inner corner of eyes and nose and the wide base for all-over blending.

Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set 3-Piece

Belle Enchanted Eyes Brush Set 3-Piece ($12.99, Walgreens) - Medium Fluff Brush – Short round shape creates depth and detail. Large Fluff Brush – Soft, fluffy bristles allow shadow to glide across eyelids with ease. Flat Angled Liner Brush– Angled shape creates flawless lines and can be used with powder, gel or cream liner.

Ariel Magical Illusion Brush Set 2-Piece

Ariel Magical Illusion Brush Set 2-Piece ($14.99, Walgreens) - Complexion Perfecting Brush – Large end blends away imperfections while the smaller end banishes dark circles under eyes. Highlighting Brush – Wide, short base highlights cheekbones, bridge of nose and anywhere else you want to sparkle.

Jasmine Exotic Eyes Brush Set 3-Piece

Jasmine Exotic Eyes Brush Set 3-Piece ($12.99, Walgreens) - Fluff and Liner Brush – Fluff side for eyeshadow and liner side for eyeliner. Crease and Detail Brush –Crease side for contouring lids and detail side for adding depth. Brow Shaping Brush – Angled side to fill in brows and brush side to groom them.

Whether you’re going for soft and sweet, sultry stunner, or daringly bold, each Disney Princess makeup brush and sponge is developed to bring your favorite princess look to life. This royal collection contains all the tools you need to be regally ready for any occasion. Until next time...

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