Friday, July 13, 2012

Tracey Cunningham and Redken Color Your Summer

I have been infatuated with red hair since I was very little. I believe I was around 13 or 14 years old when my mother allowed me to use my first semi permanent hair rinse and for years following that I continued to experiment with different products to achieve the perfect shade of red for me. I dabbled in highlights and a little bit of blonde from time to time, but red was always my main objective; my hair was never entirely in it's natural hue until I was pregnant with Lo. That was about 5 years ago, and I haven't colored my hair in over 6 years (the hubby likes my hair exactly the way that it grows out of my head, so I'm okay with keeping it that way...for now). My hair is the same shade as my eyes-the darkest brown it can be, so dark it appears to be black until the sun hits it, allowing you to see its true richness. I have 2 gray hairs on my head (and one gray eyelash and a few grays in my eyebrows as well) and I sport them proudly (right now I view them as a badge of honor and as something that I have earned, though I do pluck the grays in my brow).

I still am fascinated by red hair and hair color in general, especially as I see the great advances in products, techniques, and shades lately. As is the case with most trends in fashion, the warm weather of the summer signals the time turn up the heat, even in hair color! This season, the most popular hair colors are golden brunettes, vibrant redheads and platinum blondes.  Moving away from the cooler brunette and red tones of last season, Tracey Cunningham, Celebrity Colorist and Redken Creative Consultant for Color has the latest in Spring/Summer hair color trends and professional haircolor products to achieve these trends and get the hottest looks for the season.

To make these Spring/Summer haircolor trends accessible, Redken is launching the newChromatics prismatic permanent haircolor that will result in 2X fortified hair.  

This Zero Ammonia, Zero Odor formula provides 100% coverage, multi-dimensional, 4D color results and unlimited color possibilities.

“The summertime is a great excuse for everyone to brighten up their look.  My clients are always looking for a haircolor change with each season, even if it’s small,” explains Cunningham.  “With Redken’s NEW Chromatics prismatic permanent haircolor, I have unlimited color possibilities and my clients love how healthy and conditioned their hair is!”

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend #1: Brunettes
“My clients are still loving Redken’s Illumination technique – darker roots with lighter ends.  Brunettes continue to lighten up into the warmer months whether they go a little lighter on the ends or for their overall color.  So many of my clients bring in photos of Minka Kelly for their hair inspiration.  She has such a pretty warm golden brown color that looks fantastic with her complexion. As the weather warms up, even brunettes like to brighten up their color for summer!” – Tracey Cunningham

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend #2: Redheads“Bryce Dallas Howard is definitely the most requested color for my redhead clients.  She’s become such an “it girl” since her role in “The Help” and rightfully so!  Her deep red color is definitely going to be a trend for Spring/Summer ’12.  No messing around here – deep, strong and vibrant reds are here to stay!”– Tracey Cunningham

Spring/Summer 2012 Trend #3: Blondes“Blondes are not just for LA anymore! Whether I take clients to platinum blonde like Kate Bosworth or a darker blonde like Molly Sims, they’re destined to be on trend.  The blonder the better but still keeping the look natural is key.” – Tracey Cunningham


I think I feel the itch to change up my shade again! Maybe I'll start with a few subtle, sun-kissed highlights, before i move to anything drastic. Do you regularly color your hair? What's your dream 'do hue? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

Ciao, XxO


PS-To locate a Redken salon for your Chromatic experience, please check out to redken.com.  Always remember, Redken products can only be guaranteed authentic when purchased from a salon.  

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