Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mini Me Outift of the Week

I'm excited to bring this brand new, regular feature to Mama Fashionista! Weekly (or more often sometimes) I will post an outfit of the day featuring one of my gorgeous daughters. I'll also be discussing ways to keep your little ones looking designer chic on a shoestring budget! So without further adieu, here's London...

Yes, baby girl is in Ralph Lauren from head to toe, and yes, I did say "shoestring budget" in the introduction! Quite honestly Ralph Lauren is the hubby's designer of choice for the girls. He made that decision when London was about one and a half and we found a few key pieces at phenomenal prices during a One Day Sale at Macy's. I soon discovered that unlike some of her other (less expensive) clothing, which seemed to hold tight to stains, fade quickly, and take on a worn appearance after just a few trips in the washing machine (always in cold water and always hung to dry)- the higher price duds stayed in like new condition for much longer. When we found out we were pregnant with another girl, the designer clothes took on added value; we knew that anything purchased for London could be put aside when she outgrew it and passed down to Kensington. The very first Polo shirt we purchased over 2 years ago is in pristine condition and in regular rotation in Kenzie wardrobe right now!

The skirt in this outfit of the day was purchased from Macy's (on sale) last fall (I don't remember exactly how much it was, but I can almost guarantee we didn't spend more than $20). Her shoes were gifted to her by her Auntie Kimmy. Her purse (and yes, that is her purse) was an awesome score from the Coach Outlet Store. The Polo shirt is a new addition to her wardrobe, and cost us a mere $8 from a gem of a place I will share with you lovelies in a future Mini Me OOTW post!

Do you prefer to dress your little ones a certain way? Is there a particular brand/store/designer that you swear by for durable children's clothing? What are your tricks to keep from breaking the bank when trying to outfit your household? My inquiring mind wants to know! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Until next time...

Ciao, XxO


PS- This post is by no means sponsored or endorsed by or affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. All items of clothing were purchased with our own money. 


  1. Love! She is absolutely adorbs. I completely understand the importance of having quality kids clothing (especially if there's another little one to pass them along to). Keep the posts comin'!

    1. Thanks love! I want to make this a regular feature and include all 3 of my girls!

  2. Love this. I'm constantly shopping for kids of friends, cousins, etc. and I love gifting them cute clothes. I find that some of the flash deals on Gilt and Hautelook have great deals on brand name kids clothes! Your daughter is looking absolutely fab in her fit!

    1. I LOVE Hautelook! Sometimes shipping takes forever and a day but the prices are definitely right!


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