Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Hello lovelies! As you can see, I've been playing make believe on Polyvore again (it seems to be just the thing to pick up my spirits when I get a little down or feel uninspired). The only thing is this time, I used an item that I actually own! That chic necklace is from Twisted Silver and I have one of my very own IRL! I've worn it practically every day since I got it in the mail. I actually wear it  3 different ways: fastened loose with the tag in the front, as a choker with the tag in the back, and if the neckline of my garment is just right (like perhaps a cute boatneck sweater) I wear the necklace slightly askew, so that the tag drapes over my shoulder on to my collar bone. I get SEVERAL compliments EVERY time I wear my Flatiron Necklace (my mother actually tried to guilt me into giving it to her, and as much as I love her, I had to shut her down) and my Athena Bracelet!

I actually built this ensemble starting with the shoes first (have I mentioned to you guys how much I LOVE shoes). This is another thing that I do IRL, when shopping for a special occasion, I always pick shoes first and then build my outfit around them. I suppose shoes kind of inspire me. I wanted to go with something semi casual (because to be honest, unless I'm in the house or going to the gym, I'm never really that casual) this time, an outfit suitable for running errands (i.e. shopping) on the weekend. Tough shoes, comfy pants, a stand out shirt, and lots of lovely accessories-the perfect outfit for a day at the mall. I also love the clever little wallet; it's so cute that I would decline carrying a handbag so that everyone could see the adorable drawing (plus that would leave more room on my arm for shopping bags).

I've been a little absent this week as far as posting goes, and I apologize for that. But I have very good reasons! I'm working hard in the background to make sure that I have plenty of stylish, witty, and entertaining material (and goodies!) for all of you. I've got big plans people; I consider this blog a vehicle and a journey, and I invite you all along for the ride! 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Links a la Mode

I made IFB's Links a la Mode this week! It has been a goal of mine since joining IFB and I am beyond honored to have been chosen and included in a group of extremely talented, witty, intelligent, stylish women. Enjoy! <3 <3 <3


Our Differences Unite Us

Edited by Fashion Pulse Daily

Coming off of Ashe Mischief's Independent Fashion Blogger's Post (Good Cop/Bad Cop: Participating in Links a la Mode), you all brought your A-game in posting the links a la mode -- which made it extra hard to edit! This week, the theme that I saw emerging throughout the posts is one of celebrating our unique diversity; each site has a different take and approach to fashion, art, beauty, media, lifestyle, music - you name it! From the dry shampoo trials at Dramatis Personae to Le Petite Cecile's observations regarding the bleached eyebrow trend, you all brought a new perspective to each topic at hand, a sign that indicates how wonderful and creative the blogosphere truly is. Get even more excited for Halloween with cmykaboom and Idiosyncratic Style costume suggestions that are sure to make you smile, along with DenimDebutante's discovery of the "zipholder". All in all, one things' for certain: we've got an amazing community of bloggers!

As expected, there was a fabulous round-up of links in the forum as well, all worthy of your eyeballs!

Links à la Mode : October 29th

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hmmm...Olsenboye...Thoughts Please?

Idk what to think just yet. Can't decipher what is actually part of the collection and what was added in styling. Might be cute for PS. We shall see. What are your thoughts? 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...



These are my awesome winnings from a Twitter contest ModCloth and I Can Has Cheezburger had about a month ago. I had just joined Twitter so this was a really good way to get me hooked (and now I'm officially addicted to Twitter!)...

LS giggles every time you turn the page in this adorable picture book that feature cute little kitties saying very silly things.

This tote bag has been used from the moment I took it out of it's package. It actually caused a little tension between the girls and I; PS and LS want to claim it as their own! 

Thanks so much to ModCloth and I Can Has Cheezburger! The contest was way fun and the prizes wonderful (especially considering how many you had to shell out; it's very generous of you!). Okay, enough gushing from me. But while I'm here...are you a winner too? What kind of contests have you entered and won? What cool swag have you been able to score? Let me know. And don't forget-there are only a few more days remaining in my butter LONDON give away, don't miss out! 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


PS- Use promo code "mama" at Anique Michelle online boutique through October 31 for a 15% discount! 

Friday, October 23, 2009

So What If I'm A (Perfume) Slut?

Yep... I said it. I'm a slut. A perfume slut. The idea of monogamy and fidelity seem so appealing...in theory. I try really hard to be faithful, but it's so very difficult. I've always loved perfume; I remember playing with my mother's and my nana's perfume and going from fragrance counter to fragrance counter in pursuit of little bitty samples for me to stash in my little girl purse. My favorite fragrance as a child was Lauren and I felt so sophisticated when my mom bought her regular bottle of Safari and awarded me with the miniature to scale bottle of that precious scent that came as part of the gift with purchase. Then I fell in love with Sunflower. Then it was CK ONE and CK be. Then Liz Claiborne Sport. Then Cool Water (sigh, just thinking about Cool Water takes me back to high school), Curve, Polo Sport, and Romance. Then I got pregnant with PS and my love affair with fragrance came to a screeching halt for 10 months. Even after I had her, my olfactory receptors were way too sensitive to deal with fragrance the way they used to, so it took me a while to get back in the game again. I took baby steps to acclimate myself in the world of pretty scents again, overloading on body washes, creams, and body sprays from The Body Shop, Bath and Body Works, and Victoria's Secret (it was kind of borderline obsessive; for each scent I bought, I had to have the trifecta: a cleanser, moisturizer, and spray) At one point, I had amassed so much product, I had to put a large portion of it into storage ( and then i forgot about it and started buying stuff again).

But eventually that old mistress fine fragrance beckoned me, so I once again flirted with the idea of having one signature fragrance. I started with Michael Kors, and actually thought that I could be true to it. But then I discovered Black by Kenneth Cole and I was in love again. The season changed and I went head over heels for an Escada scent (and many of Escada's predecessors since). Sephora, in all of their genius, came up with the scent sampler (for $50 you get a ton of samples and an atomizer, you try all the scents, pick your fave and then bring in a voucher for a full size bottle of your choice) and I was in heaven. That's how I came to know Stella, Ferragamo incanto, and DKNY Be Delicious. Then there was Issey Miyake, L.A.M.B, Blue, Ralph, and True Religion.

So basically, I've let go of that dream of having that one signature scent that I'm known by (I was always so intrigued with the notion of being known, identified, recognized by my scent alone), and have accepted the fact that I am a perfume ho. I must always have coterie of fragrance on hand so that I can choose one based on my mood, the weather, the season, and what I am wearing (because I can't possibly wear the same scent with black that I do with red). And my nose continues to fall in love every time I get a magazine or take a trip to the mall. Allow me to introduce you to my new loves...

Very Hollywood-Michael Kors

Lola-Marc Jacobs

Laugh With Me Lee Lee-Benefit Cosmetics

Eau Mega-Viktor & Rolf

And now, not only do they have these divine fragrances in gorgeous, colorful, crystalline bottles, they also come in other incarnations. Both Very Holly wood and Lola can be gotten in solid form contained in cute cocktail rings...

And, though I can't find it on line, according to the September issue of In Style, Very Hollywood also comes in the form of an adorable ink pen ( as in the ink is scented so that when you write you can smell the fragrance; isn't that the most fabulous way to script love letters and personal correspondences?).

Sigh... So many pretty scents, so little time. And as soon as I think I'm settled and satisfied with my collection, inevitably there comes a new generation of olfactory pleasers. What are your favorite fragrances? Are you a slut like me or faithfully married to your one and only signature scent? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you! 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


PS-Don't forget the butter LONDON give away (you MUST become a follower and use butter LONDON nail lacquers in your entry (not just say pink and red)! I love the comments so far, thank you so much for being creative and telling a story with your collections because that is truly what fashion is really about! Also the 15% discount at Anique Michelle is still available. Get shopping! And vote for LS for the Gap Casting Call! xoxo

And as usual the clicking on the pictures leads you to where you need to go to purchase. All photos (except for Viktor & Rolf, which is from www. nordstroms.com)
from www.sephora.com.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I wrote a post the other day about the hubby entering LS in the Gap Casting Call... Well voting is now open! Click the link to vote for my little munchkin girl...http://bit.ly/3lP0Tu
'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


And don't forget the give away and the Anique Michelle discount. Back to slumberland go I!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Starting to Feel Like My Old Self Again

So lovelies, I have lost 8 pounds... so proud/happy! Still have a LONG way to go to get back to my svelte figure of yesteryear (though truthfully, I'll never be a size zero again, my girls have gifted me with ample T&A), but I'm working my way to a smaller, healthier me, bit by bit. So the Polyvore ensemble above is a tribute to the sexy chic look that I gravitate towards when I'm truly comfortable in my skin. Notice the balance: though it is short, the boots cover a lot of leg, the arms are completely covered and there's even a chapeaux (I love hats!)! Lots of Chanel accessories (you can never go wrong there) and a lovely ring from Twisted Silver (LOVE those ladies; will blog about soon!). Notice that the bag doesn't exactly match. I often do that intentionally IRL, in such a way that some item I have on stands out (so that people may say "where did that come from, it doesn't really fit in with the rest") and thus sets me apart and makes my presence known.

Even the hubby doesn't get that little ism of mine; he wants everything coordinated and matching. He's very much into...not blending in... but not really making a splash by being different. Sometimes I have to remind him that if it were not for my being different from the norm, he may have never even noticed me. I've always been a bit of an oddball and kind of proud and very accepting of my idiosyncrasies. To be truthful, there may have been a time in my life when I was very overtly eccentric, it was actually very liberating. As I've gotten older, I've toned down a bit, but some of the old me is starting to shine through again. And I gladly welcome her back! I hope you all will too (some day :P )... 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


PS-Don't forget the butter LONDON give away (you MUST become a follower and use butter LONDON nail lacquers in your entry (not just say pink and red)! I love the comments so far, thank you so much for being creative and telling a story with your collections because that is truly what fashion is really about! Also the 15% discount at Anique Michelle is still available. Get shopping! xoxo

OMG! RDJ as SH is OOC! *

*Translation-Oh my God! Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes is Out Of Control!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now...


Up for Grabs: Perfect Finish Foot Creme, Nail Foundation (base coat), Hardwear (top coat), HRH and Yummy Mummy (3 free nail lacquers)

butter LONDON stormed NYC Fashion Week

butter LONDON stormed NYC Fashion Week this season, with the introduction of British Racing Green. Hand mixed by our very own Creative Director Nonie Creme for the Vena Cava show, this shade has already been noticed by Vogue, W Magazine, Lucky, Ladies Home Journal, and Redbook.

butter LONDON Featured on The Tyra Banks Show!

butter LONDON nail lacquers were featured on The Tyra Banks Show - Beauty Across America!

Hardwear-Lock your lacquer. Our quick dry, ultra glossy, non-toxic topcoat protects your lacquer, extending the life of your manicure.

Nail Foundation-the flawless basecoat

Perfect Finish Foot Creme-Imagine a product that contains the same active ingredients found in your anti-perspirant, suspended in Shea and Cocoa butter. Add a touch of Camphor for cooling, some Triclosan to prevent microbial growth, and you are looking at one special foot creme.

No lovelies, my pretty pink net book was not hijacked by tricky, duplicitous advertisers. I just wanted to give a proper introduction to some of the fantastic products that can be yours (yes, yours!) if you win...MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!

That's right! Thanks to the lovely Nonie Creme, Creative Director of butter LONDON, I am offering my readers a chance to win a gift pack that includes: Nail Foundation (base coat), Hardwear (top coat), Yummy Mummy (a medium beige that is simply stunning on EVERY skin colour, 3 free nail lacquer, not pictured), HRH (a proper purple, 3 free nail lacquer, not pictured), and Powder Finish Foot Creme (all together it retails for about $92!).

All of butter LONDON's polishes are "3 free," meaning that they are free of the three toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polishes: Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, and Toluene. Oh and (after such a serious statement as that this may sound silly, but hey) they give their lacquers the cutest, cleverist British names! HRH is short for "her royal highness" (as in Queen Elizabeth), which is perfect for the royal shade of purple. And Yummy Mummy is Brit slang for "impossibly slender, beautiful, stay at home mums," and you know I love that seeing as my goal in life is to be a yummy mummy and all ( I'm close, just gotta work on the "impossibly slender" part!).

"So, how do I get my hands on such awesomeness?"-you may be anxiously wondering. Well obviously by taking visit to butter LONDON's website. Or... you can win it here!

From the time I was about 8 years old, whenever I got to pick a treat or had saved some allowance, I always got Lee Press On Nails. I always felt so grown up and pretty when I had on those long, fake fingernails (albeit, they only stayed on until the first time I washed my hands and my mother had me petrified that they would stay on permanantly and suffocate my real nails if I ever slept with them on overnight). As I grew older (and my hand steadier) I would give myself a weekly mani/pedi and literally changed my polish with outfit (or mood). Then when I got my first job at 16, I began making regular trips to the salon to have my nails done professionally. So I guess you could say that nail polish (and lip smackers) is my first make up love.

Even now, when I'm not feeling my poshest, when I paint my nails, it's the perfect little pick me up. At any given time, I have on at least 3 different shades of polish (one on my toes, and two different shades on my fingers-a trick that I picked up from Greta's Guide!) My choice combination of butter LONDON shades is London Underground with Billy No Mates for my hands and Mariner for my toes. In order to win the marvelous prize pack from butter LONDON, all you have to do is become a follower of Mama Fashionista, visit the butter LONDON website and leave a comment here telling me your fave color combination for the perfect mani/pedi. Please pick two shades and specify which one you would use on your hands and which one you would use on your feet. Nonie and I will pick our favorite, most creative color combo and send you a lovely basket of goodies! Please include your name and email address in your comments (we won't spam you but you will be added to butter LONDON's mailing list to receive updates on new releases, and promotional offers). The contest is open to readers in the US only (sorry international people!) and will run until 11:59 pm EST October 31, 2009. The winner will be notified via email by November 3, 2009.
So have fun and best wishes! Remember to be creative! 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


FYI-Your entry will count twice if you also become a fan of Mama Fashionista on Facebook. Just let me know in your comments!

PS- Don't miss out on your chance to save 15% at Anique Michelle on line! Use promo code "mama" at check out through October 31 for your exclusive discount.

*descriptions of the butter LONDON products and their pictures were obtained from Nonie Creme and www.butterlondon.com

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Closing (in on) the Gap

My youngest daughter is the hubby's firstborn and spitting image. It would be the understatement of the century to say that he is utterly infatuated with her and has been since birth (as well he should be). So it was not a huge surprise when I realized that today is the one year anniversary of the first time we took her to have studio pictures done; in fact we have averaged at least one session a month since that first photo shoot.

Equipped with that knowledge, as well as the fact that we have been snapping pictures of her constantly (with both of our Blackberry's and the family digital camera) since her introduction to the world, it should also not be a shock to me that at this most recent photo shoot, my 16 month old daughter actually posed. And I don't mean the normal hamming it up for the camera that she's been doing for months now (though she really went to town this time; the hubby was playing her favorite MJ jams and she had an audience to perform for), but full on hand on her cocked hip, over the shoulder looking, head tilted to the side posing. Not to mention the precocious smile and animated dancing. Suffice it to say, it was a fruitful session, so much so the hubby wants to submit her photo for the Gap Casting Call.

Now of course I think she's a winner (we definitely have the makings of a little model here; not to mention her big sister, her photo session is next week) and obviously so does the hubby (he's ready to go out and get her a manager/agent). But I'll admit, we may be just a little bit biased. So I'll ask you, what do you think? Is she Gap material? Should we consider a career in child modeling? Let me know. 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


BTW-All the clothes she's wearing in the pictures (including the headband and those adorable sunnies) are from GAPkids (we think that may improve our odds). Her jewelry (bangle in the first picture and earrings throughout) are courtesy of one of my lovely sponsors Bebe Bling. You'll be hearing more about them soon. Also, stay tuned...I'm starting my first giveaway tomorrow and it's HUGE!

PS-FYI: Though we really are entering our girls in the Gap modeling contest dealie, I'm so not a stage mom it's not funny. I'm my girls' biggest cheerleader in everything they do, but something about the baby/child modeling world totally skeeves me out. So take this post with a grain of salt; it was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek. Just don't want you guys to think I'm some creepy pusher. I'm just the proud, yummy mummy of two intelligent, precocious, thoughtful, beautiful girls! Okay... enough gushing. xoxo

Friday, October 16, 2009


So this is my first attempt at using Polyvore on the blog. I call this set "Date Night." Let me know if you guys like it and I'll keep playing around with it. Polyvore is an absolutely awesome website. It's kinda like playing ultimate fantasy dress up for fashionistas.

I envision wearing this ensemble out with the hubby to our favorite tapas bar (Eclipse Di Luna) and maybe a little dancing afterward to sweat off the fabulous mojitoes (mango is my fave) and burn some calories consumed from the yummy dishes they have to offer (their paella is TDF). Oh to dream the dream. Here's to hoping date night (without the kiddies) happens sometime in my near future (with or without this outfit!)... 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


PS-The 15% discount at Anique Michelle is good through October 31. Just enter promo code "mama" at checkout!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lusitania or Titanic: You Be the Judge

When I made the decision to blog, I also made the decision to devote time to educating myself (to the best of my ability) on my chosen subject matter. To that affect, I immediately ordered subscriptions to several publications: Vogue, W, Elle, Marie Claire, etc. I anxiously began to check the mail everyday (who am I kidding, most times I sent PS out to the mailbox), in anticipation of receiving these harbingers of style, my connection to the world of fashion at large.

See, up to this point, my day, my life, my world has revolved around being a wife and mother. I live and breath for my family. Every month I got no less than four parenting magazines and Women's Health (in an effort to motivate me and give me direction as far as losing the baby fat). But my subscriptions to In Style and Glamour...I let those lapse. And somewhere along the line, I let myself lapse too.

Life is about balance. Recognizing all the things that you are (to yourself and others) and endeavoring to give them equal play in your life is a challenge we all face. I struggled in that race for equilibrium for a while. But doing this has helped to restore some of my balance.

Imagine my delight when PS came back from the mailbox with the first Vogue from my subscription (prior to that, I had purchased the September issue sometime in August and the October issue in September) and then my sudden dismay at discovering that, though it was October (and my subscription had been placed in late August), I had received...the September issue. Though slightly annoyed, I calmly called customer service and explained the situation and the nice lady on the phone was very sympathetic and understanding and resolved the issue to the best of her ability. All in all, I was appeased (though still slightly annoyed) and decided to give one of the copies to my budding fashion designer. Problem solved, right?

Not so much. A few days later, I am once again overjoyed when PS returns from the mailbox with a publication I immediately recognize because of it's distinctive size, W. While I had at a point in my life been a regular reader of Vogue, this was my first experience with W and I was beyond ecstatic to familiarize myself with it's sophisticated style. So you can bet I was crestfallen when I discovered that it is not the November (or even October) issue that one would expect at this time, but the September issue...

So I hop on the phone with customer service, once again, and come to a similar resolution, once again. Then I come to a realization-both periodicals are owned by Conde Nast. And the mothership is having issues, n’est-ce pas ? Six of their major publications have been discontinued in the last two months or so (Domino, Cookie, Gourmet, Conde Nast Portfolio and two of their wedding titles) and layoffs abound. So maybe I should just be happy that I received my magazines at all; they seriously have bigger things to deal with right now.

But now I'm worried. Are these beloved bastions of style and taste and fashion and pretty in danger? Will we wake up one morning to discover (probably on Twitter if you're anything like me) that the fashion Bible that is Vogue is no longer to be printed (though if they wanted to drop the guillotine on French Vogue it could be forgiven. I mean really, black face as an artistic statement, COME ON!)? Oh fashion gods, let that black day never come!

Well darlings, mommyhood is calling me, so I must be off. Do you have any suggestions as far as additional magazines I may be interested in? What are your must read monthlies? Let me know. 'Til next time...

(And don't forget, through the month of October, you can get 15% off at Anique Michelle boutique by using the promo code "mama" at check out!)

(Oh and the covers pictured here are both October issues and obtained from Conde Nast)

Fashion Forever...


Monday, October 12, 2009

All the Little Birdies on Jaybird Street

So my little chickadees... I've got some goodies pour vous. I'm coasting on the euphoric high of the epic Go-Girl promo (thank you to all who participated!), so just like a regular "jay" on the street, I'm working hard for my next fix... And here it is...

The lovely people at Anique Michelle on line boutique have generously agreed to give my readers a 15% discount on their website through the end of October. I thought I'd celebrate this "mayjah" (a la Ms. Posh) coupe by putting together my ideal outfit from all the goodies Anique Michelle has to offer, just to whet your shopping appetite (as if you really needed any help!). The task was actually quite difficult; there are SO MANY TDF pretties on the site, it was hard narrowing it down. But here are "Mama's Picks." Enjoy... ; P

I would start with a pair of my favorite leggings from F21, my go to ankle boots from Bakers, and add to them:
The "On Display" Dress. I love the roomy cut and mix of patterns. It vees in the front and back so it is perfect for layering on necklaces, such as...

The "Limeade" - umm... I really don't have words for how much I like this necklace. And...

"The Cyndi"-for this outfit, I'd go with the orange one. I'd tie it close to the neck so that the fringe would fall long down the back (what good is a back vee without jewelry to accent it?)

I'd wear "Let It Be" and "Cleo" on my right hand...

... and the "Katie," "Lucky Lady," and "Up All Night" on my left wrist; which would also be carrying ...

"The Tayven"- I love this bag! I love the color and I love the size. It's perfect for me because I can have a stylish bag and still manage to fit everything I need in it AND everything LS needs.

And I'd top it all off with these lovely sparklers on my ears...

Aptly named "Goldie."

So how do you like my picks? Too much jewelry (I'm starting to learn that sometimes it really is "the more the merrier.")? How would you change it up? All together, this outfit adds up to $125.50, but if you put in promo code "mama" at checkout, it'll knock the cost down to $106.67 (+ tax and shipping, of course!). Anique Michelle has a wonderful selection of clutches, rings, scarves, hair accessories, and wallets as well. So many thing to choose from, I may have to assemble another look to post... Visit Anique Michelle on line to put together your own fall masterpiece.

It's been fun playing dress up with you guys tonight, but now the bed is calling my name (funny, the bed kinda sounds like the hubby...hmmm...) So 'til next time...

Fashion Forever...


*All pictures in this post were obtained from www.aniquemichelle.com

Sunday, October 11, 2009

All Good Things Must Come to an End?

Long, long weekend. Up with the girls at 5am Saturday and Sunday. Got to dress us all up (my girls are pretty pretty princesses!), and see some folks I haven't seen in a long while. I am astounded by the love and kindness of some very special people in my family's life. All in all, a good time was had by all, and now I'm beyond exhausted but feel obligated to write (in a good way), so here I am.

On the fashion/style/beauty front, I made a few acquisitions this weekend (in an effort to bolster my resolve to start posting pictures) that are directly related to previous blog posts (here and here), so now I'm actually excited to take pictures to show you guys!

I also got my first tube of Kiehl's Lip Balm (in Mango, so yummy!).

It's so good you guys! So now I'm totally tempted to splurge and get the six pack special anniversary set...

It includes Original, Vanilla, Mango, Coconut, Mint, and Cranberry scents. It's $32 which breaks down to about $5.34 per tube and they're normally around $8.50, so it's a decent deal. Plus they're fabulous!

So I'm thinking... To buy or not to buy, that is the question. I'd love to get some feedback. Are there any Kiehl's users out there that can let me know if I really need 6 tubes of lip balm all at once? What's the average life span of a tube for a pretty regular user? And, since I already have a tube of the Mango, it's possible that I may work this in to a GIVEAWAY (instead of just passing the tube on to PS like I usually do)! This is all contingent on response though, so let me know: is Kiehl's the best? Or is my balm buck better spent elsewhere? Inquiring minds want to know. And who knows, maybe you'll receive a balm for your thoughts... 'Til next time...

Oh, and stay tuned... The Go-Girl promotion might be over (thank you to everyone who participated; it'd be cool if you let me know what you purchased!), but stay tuned tomorrow-Mama has something else in the works for you!

(And as usual, you can click on the pictures and it will link you to the page where you can purchase the sited products if you are so inclined. The pictures were obtained from www.kiehls.com)

Fashion Forever...


Thursday, October 8, 2009

In the Great Green Room...

So sleepy, but I must write. It's been a very long day fueled by very little sleep. But this morning I was fortunate enough to have the wonderful Jennine (of The Coveted and IFB fame) actually respond to my email! I was beyond flattered and I am so grateful to her for having started the IFB; it's an invaluable resource and I'm very honored to be a part of it. She suggested that as a fashion blog, I really need to have more pictures on my site. And I have really taken her feedback to heart.

I disclosed my trepidations about putting pictures of myself up on the blog in a previous post, and it's obvi that I have not been able to get past them (yet). But a new day is coming. I'm picking the perfect outfit from top to bottom. I don't want to give off the appearance of trying to hard, but I want my debut to resonate from a place of insight and meaning. So look out world, 'cause here I come! But not tonight, because there is a quiet old lady whispering "hush..." 'Til next time...

(And don't forget-you have until Sunday to get 15% off at www.shopgogirl.com. Use Promo code "GOGIRL." Hurry!)

Fashion Forever...


FYI- The post title and the bit about the old lady at the end are from the classic children's book GOOD NIGHT MOON , written by Margaret Wise Brown with pictures by Clement Hurd. If you grew up in an alternative/parallel universe and did not have the distinct pleasure of having it read to you as a child or conversely reading it to your own little ones, please seriously consider purchasing it (if you click on the book title, it'll take you to Amazon). Your welcome : )

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling

I got a promotion! Well actually I'm running my first promotion, thanks to Shelly of Go-Girl. I'm so excited! As should you be, because for a limited time (from Thursday, October 8 through Sunday, October 11) readers of Mama Fashionista will receive 15% off their entire purchase from www.shopgogirl.com!

Go Girl products take care of those little details that can ruin an entire look: stray hairs on your shirt from that last minute comb through, deodorant marks on your LBD, and the embarrassment of realizing everyone around you knows that you're cold (that can divert attention away from even the most spectacular ensemble). And even the media has noticed that Go Girl should be in every woman's purse, overnight bag, and carry on luggage. Kelly Ripa is a fan of the Lint Sheets, the CHIC double sided tape strips were showcased on the #6 feature of E! Networks Daily 10, and the Smudge Sponge has been featured on The Insider, The TV Guide Network, and on MyStyle.com.

My personal favorites: VaVa-Voom- reusable silicone nipple covers (because my boobs draw enough attention even when they're not "perky"), the Heal-A-Heel moisture socks (because even the fiercest pair of slingbacks look ugly with cracked heels and dry feet), and Oily-Doily blotting sheets (perfect for taking care of an afternoon case of shiny face and touching up make up applications). And if you can't decide what to try, there's No Worries! a totally adorable portable kit with CHIC tape strips, a pair of Bug'N Out disposable nipple covers, a Smudge Sponge, travel size toothbrush, and mini toothpaste.

Can you see why I'm excited! My first promotion is not for some lame company with stuff that no one can really see the need for. It's for necessities no fashionista should ever be without! Visit www.shopgogirl.com and enter the promo code "GOGIRL" for your 15% discount. Happy Shopping! Til next time...
(Oh and don't forget, the discount is only good through Sunday, so hurry!)

Fashion Forever...


(FYI-This is NOT a paid advertisement/endorsement. I have not received anything free from Go-Girl. Just so you know... So there, FTC! : p )

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Some people are just born with tragedy in their blood..."

I would say that I am at a loss for words, but obviously I am not, otherwise I would not be writing this. I just saw my first professional fashion show in its entirety (albeit on my computer). Alexander McQueen S/S 10. OMG. See for yourself...http://bit.ly/19kiwE. Don't worry, I'll give you a second...

You back? Have the goosebumps faded back into your flesh? Did you pick your jaw up off the floor? Do you need to go change your undergarments? All perfectly reasonable reactions to the SPECTACLE that was that show. The shiny floor, the two robotic cameras running parallel down the runway, the erotic backdrop. And the styling! The Donnie Darko hair (well technically, it's Frank's ears), the prosthetics placed around the eyes, and those pale, shimmery alien faces. And the stars of the show: the shoes and clothes. OMG! The shoes (especially those worn at the onset of the show) were something out of a sado-masochist shoe fetishist's dream. What that man did with cut and patterns and colors was beyond amazing. It was OOC ("out of control"). While I totally appreciate the vision, talent, and imagination that went into the creation of all of the pieces, it really got good for me at around the 9:30 mark. You know, when the shoes changed to the ridunkulous shiny, lacquered, platform pumps? And the clothes were feminine and ruffly and they moved so good it made me want to melt.

It was so uber fantastic. It gave me chills. It was breath taking. But let's be real. The majority of those pieces are just not practical for women like me. And that's okay, because a lot of fashion is truly art; and just as every one can not have a Picasso or Monet hanging on their wall, every piece of haute couture or avant garde fashion is not meant to be physically accessible en masse. And that is okay. Even though I may never fiscally be able to even purchase an outfit straight of a Paris runway (nor am I sure if the beauty of something that high end would even translate in my world), I did acquire something very valuable just from viewing that show.

I can be fearless and bold when making everyday choices, particularly stylistically. I have always prided myself on being an individual. I embrace my uniqueness. When people say I'm weird, I say "thank you." That being said, there is a difference in being comfortable with yourself and taking that extra step to actually stand out. Mr. McQueen has encouraged me to shout without saying a word. Though I know he will never read these words, I want to take this opportunity to say to him, "Thank you, sir."

That being said, I feel the need to segue to a different, yet peculiarly related topic. As I said, I am an unique individual. And I seriously and deeply respect other people that are different from myself. Even when I don't understand where a person is coming from (and though this truly applies to all aspects of my life, for the purpose of this post, the focus is on style), and don't necessarily appreciate the aesthetics of or reasoning behind certain choices, as long as it is genuine and comes from a place of personal insight and respect, I can dig it. To each his own. But really-TO EACH, HIS OWN.

In other words, let me be me, and you BE YOU. While "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery," at what point does imitation become infringement upon someone else's intellectual property? We all derive inspiration from numerous sources, but when we derive inspiration from individuals, at what point does imitation turn into disrespect?

It's been a long day, filled with many lovely things and a little bit of ugliness. But I take solace in the fact that tomorrow is another day. What is your take on inspiration/imitation? Where do you draw the line between being flattered and being offended when someone is quite obviously mimic-ing you? My inquiring mind wants to know. Post a comment and we'll further this tantalizing stream of consciousness. 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


BTW: Believe it or not, I actually put a lot of thought in to the titles of my blog posts. This one is a quote from the movie Donnie Darko. And in case you've never seen it, and thus do not get the reference between it and the Alexander McQueen show... here are some pictures of Frank (courtesy of www.depooter.org and www.listal.com)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Land of the Lost

So... I'll try to keep this brief. It's a beautiful, clear blue sky, sun shiny Saturday. I should be out and about, enjoying this lovely, lovely day with the hubby and LS. We even discussed taking baby girl to the playground and taking advantage of one of the spectacular parks that our tax dollars pay for. But here I am, on the computer, my entire afternoon lost in cyberspace.

Don't get me wrong. It's been a very productive and enjoyable day. I just fell like Alice down a hole, where link after link has led me further into the land of fashion/beauty/style on the net. It's truly a wondrous world and I hope to soon be a full fledged citizen of it (as of right now, I still feel like an alien resident on the outskirts).

Anyway, I really think it's worth the time to devote an hour or so (set an alarm or something, because otherwise you too will find yourself looking up at the clock trying desperately to figure out where all the time went) to exploring what is out there in the "blogosphere." When you see something you like, click on some of the sites that they like, and so on and so forth. Expose yourself to something new and creative and beautiful. Open your eyes to appreciate styles that may be far removed from your own, but are fierce and fearless in their unique individuality. Be inspired. And then try to inspire others. Pay it forward.

If you need a way to get started, there are some lovely suggestions on the sidebar. If you have any suggestions for new lovelies for me to discover, feel free to post a comment below. Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


Thursday, October 1, 2009

House of Worth

So... I've always been a shoe fiend, well maybe not always, but since I was at least 12. Everyone in my family is taller than me, so though I am of average height,I developed something of a Napoleon Complex having to stand next to them constantly. So I began to wear high heels. I'm sure it was nothing more than two inches at first, but that was enough to put me face to face with my mother. Then of course as I got older, my heels got higher and higher, and over time, I never wore flats unless it was absolutely mandated (like for work or P.E.). In fact, it got to the point that I actually walked better in high heels (I would literally stumble whenever I wore sneakers). Long story short, I LOVE shoes, the higher the better.

Usually a love of shoes goes hand in hand with the love of handbags and I never really jumped on that wagon. Purses were cute but sort of strictly utilitarian for me. Often times, I would stuff necessities into my pockets (or the pockets of whoever was with me), a girlfriend's purse, or my cleavage (it was astounding how much would fit in there). This does mean that my handbags were not cute; they were actually quite cute. I just didn't really view them as accessories, or as a means to accent my clothing. I did not change my bag according to what I was wearing or what shoes I had on. I used the same bag until it wore out.

It was not until I met my husband that I grew to appreciate purses. He is the type of man that likes to give gifts, nice gifts. One of the first things he bought me was a beautiful soft pink Coach bag, with a suede bottom, silver hardware and a single brown leather strap. I was in love. I've never looked at handbags the same. And then I had LS.

I HAD to carry a diaper bag. The one we used was an adorable gift from a friend, so it was chic and useful (which is always awesome). But there was no way I was lugging around that behemoth of a bag AND a purse AND the baby. So I just put everything that I needed into the diaper bag as well. So no pretty purses for me for the last 16 months. Just my big pink diaper bag. But people, it's a new day!

Baby girl no longer needs the trappings incidental to newborns and infants. She's a big girl now. Her stuff can go in mommy's bag instead of vice versa. So I have a huge decision to make. What new pretty do I get? I've done my research and here it goes. Now some of these are obviously categorized as fantasy items (how many stay at home moms do you know that carry Alexander McQueen clutches?) but most are definitely in the running as new additions to my collection. I figure I need a good size purse, a multi purpose tote, and a clutch to cover all of my bases and quench the thirst that these long of abstinence have caused.

Here are the contenders:

The Rebellious II (in black) and
Peony Clutch (in silver) from
Carrie Valen
Carrie's bags have been seen on Gossip
Girl, and on the arms of Fergie, Eva Longoria
Parker, and Jessica Biel. She's also my
Twitter buddy, so please check out her site
by clicking on either of the bags.

*Pictures obtained from Carrie Valentine

Now these two lovelies are from Coach. I love the bright colors and especially the shiny pink patent leather. The pink one is called Spotlight and the multi colored tote is the Pop C Glam Tote. Click on them and it'll take you straight to the Coach website.
*Pictures obtained from www.coach.com

Juicy, Juicy, Juicy. I love this tote
because I could easily toss in some
library books, LS's neccessities, and
my stuff and it wouldn't be over
stuffed. Plus at the cost ($78) I won't
be terribly upset when it inevitably gets
messed up. Click on the bag to see
all the cuteness Juicy Couture has
to offer.

*Picture obtained from www.juicycouture.com

And here is my fantasy line up. The two clutches are from Alexander McQueen (I first fell in love with the design when I saw it in red crocodile in the September issue of Vogue) and I went head over heels for the Louis when I saw it on Avelle. In doing my research, I di
scovered a couple of new (well, new to me at least) sites that you can link to by clicking on each bag.

*Pictures obtained from www.polyvore.com

So what do you think? What are your must have bags for the season? And what about your ultimate fantasy bag? I know, I know. I was heavy on the pink. But it's something of a signature for me, so there : P . Give me some feedback. I'd love to hear from you.

Fashion Forever...


It's PINK!!!

So... This is totally going to be a two post day because I'm stupid excited over the awesome gift the hubby got me. He got me an itty bitty Dell Netbook... and it's PINK!!! I love it! So I'm super inspired and motivated because he got it in total support of my endeavors with this blog. Can you believe that?!?!

So basically every time I look at the cute little PINK netbook, I'll be reminded of the faith that my husband has in me and it will totally motivate me to write. So prepare to be inundated with my words! Lol...

Fashion Forever

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