Saturday, November 28, 2009

Names Withheld To Protect the Innocent

Hola chicas. I miss you all so much. I haven't so much as opened my cute little pink netbook all week (I haven't even been able to keep up with my email on my beloved BB Storm either)! That means there has been no Facebook, or Twitter, or blogging. My in-laws are staying with us for the week (well, they got here last Friday and are staying until Sunday night/Monday morning) and it's been all out madness as far as my schedule is concerned.This must be what air traffic controller training feels like, waving and signaling to everyone where to go and what to do. But I've been thinking of you all and contemplating how to make my absence up to you and I do believe I have come up with something...

Yes lovelies, it is give away time again! This time is it's a random (yet awesome) selection of goodies from yours truly (well technically, they were generously donated to me by the lovely Niki Paolucci, the manager of Cosmetics and Fragrance at Nordstrom Mall of Georgia). Basically, I am offering a grab bag of fragrance and cosmetic goodies to one of my lovely readers simply for telling me about your favorite foundation. I have been using Bare Minerals and am almost all out of it. I love it but am always on the quest for something new and different and better and so i would love some suggestions as to what to try next. I was thinking about trying Bare Minerals' new matte formula (as I have oily skin and get a bit paranoid at times about looking shiny/greasy) but then I saw an ad in the People Style Watch (with Hillary Duff on the cover) for a mineral make up by Clinique that is "smart" and was very intrigued.

So here's the nitty gritty: you need to be a follower of Mama Fashionista on Google Reader and be US resident to qualify for the give away (sorry international lovelies). You will get bonus entries for the following: following me on Twitter and tweeting about the contest ("I entered to win a goodie bag from @mamafashionist1 and you should too! http://bit.ly/8Ba6Jh for details"). Just leave an additional comment with your Twitter username for verification. You can also become a fan of Mama Fashionista on Facebook for an extra entry. Leave a comment here indicating that you have become a fan and those of you that are already fans can just leave a comment on the Facebook fan page about the contest.

I can't wait to hear what you guys use. While I love make up, I have focused mainly on eye and lip make up. Face make up intimidates me to no end. That being said, I'd love to hear both department store and drug store recommendations, anything to help me make an educated purchase and soon. The contest will be open until Friday December 4 at 12 am EST and the winner will be notified by Monday December 7. 'Til next time...

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  1. Wow! Great giveaway! I just won so I don't know if I can win again, but I'm excited to tell you about my fave foundations. My fave of all time is Sue DeVitt Seaweed Gel foundation, but they stopped selling it at Sephora. So I switched to Stila Illuminating Liquid foundation. It has a touch of glitter to it. I wore it for my wedding day and it helps my skin glow!

    Before purchasing makeup I always refer to other people's reviews, like Beautipedia.com (no I am not a spokesperson!) :)

  2. Who can resist a free goodie bag! :) My favorite foundation is Mary Kay's medium coverage liquid foundation. My face is combo, oily so I need the right amount of coverage that will control the oil but not suck out the moisture from everywhere else! It looks really natural and feels like I have nothing on my face, which I love (I can't stand feeling my makeup!)

    Good luck with this giveaway! :)

  3. Awesome Giveaway!!! While I have yet to try Bare Minerals (which thanks to you I will be), I am a HUGE fan of MAC make-up. I always use MAC Studio Fix powder or liquid as my foundation, and I find it gives flawless coverage, more so when you use both at the same time. But before I put on my foundation, I use Smashbox makeup primer which creates a perfect canvas pre-makeup.

    Thanks for doing this! I wish everyone the best.

    (by the way, I follow the blog, am already your Twitterfriend, and fb fan. LoL. I got you covered - no make up pun intended. Haha)


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