Wednesday, November 4, 2009

If You Like It, Then You Should Put a Ring (or a Bangle) On It

As you all know (at least I think you do, the name makes it kind of obvious), I am a proud mummy to two darling little girls, PS is 9 and LS is 16 months. PS is actually part of the reason that I started this blog; she has expressed the desire to be a fashion designer when she grows up and as I encouraged her to do research to find out what it takes to be successful in that field, I found myself inspired and blogging seemed to be the perfect outlet for me.

PS has such a unique since of style and is very creative in a DIY kind of way. She makes her own bracelets, rings, and necklaces and has even embarked on having her own little business by making jewelry for her friends at school. She actually has two jewelry boxes on her dresser because in addition to her own creations, she has amassed quite a collection of pretty dangling things (both costume and fine pieces). She has a better jewelry wardrobe than most girls her age (definitely better than the one that I had at her age) and at the rate LS is going she is going to have quite the collection too!

We got LS' ears pierced at 5 months and she has worn earrings everyday, ever since. When she was about 7 months old, I got her her first charm bracelet and even at that young age she was very well aware of the shiny pretty thing on her arm. She would fuss and cry whenever you took it off (unless it was bath time, and then she understood). When she inevitably lost that bracelet at around 12 months, she literally claimed one of my bracelets, a pretty sterling silver chain made with open linking hearts, and I adjusted it to fit her tiny wrist. She is never with out this bracelet. She will bring it to you to put it back on if it falls off. It's almost as if it is an extension of herself (bizarre and dramatic, I know, but she's really not playing around when it comes to her bracelet).

As she has gotten older, she plays with my jewelry now as well (I have learned the hard way to keep my good stuff out of reach). She will stack a whole arm full of bangles on both arms and put rings on both index fingers and walk around with her hands raised to the sky so that the jewelry does not fall off. She loved playing with my bangles so much, that when I stumbled upon this company, I had to reach out to them.

Bebe Bling is the brain child of Chany Klein and her sister Estee. Like me, they are both moms to two little fashionistas in the making. For a while they discussed going into business together so that they could make a satisfying living and still be at home for their little ones. Because they live in two different states, starting an online business made the most sense. Baby accessories became their choice of wares for obvious reasons; if you have a little girl, you know how much fun it is to dress them up and there is definitely a need for variety and style in the baby jewelry arena. By finding and selecting pieces that are perfect for their little girls, Bebe Bling is now able to offer fashionable, cute and inexpensive jewelry to little divas everywhere. Though their primary concentration is selling on their website at present, it is only a matter of time before you see Bebe Bling in a boutique near you!

Chany and Estee were generous enough to send me a pair of  Butterfly Kisses Dangle Earrings and a Butterfly Kisses Bangle. LS refuses to take off her earrings and, true to form, causes a fuss every time we remove her bangle. She shows of her "pretty" to everyone she sees when we go out and her face literally lights up when we pull the bangle out of the cute little pink box. Sometimes I even catch her shaking her head, so that she can hear and feel the delicate shimmy of her earrings. She is enamored with her pieces and thanks to Bebe Bling you too can put that sweet smile on a little girls' face by giving her her very own Butterfly Kisses Bangle!  That's right, it is giveaway time again!

 LS wearing her Butterfly Kisses Earrings

 LS wearing her Butterfly Kisses Bangle

BeBeBling Set

And  this is my dream set for LS building on the pieces she already has (I just love the idea of her having an arm full of tinkling, delicate, lovely bangles (or "pretties" as she calls them!)

This time, all you have to do is visit the Bebe Bling website and pick out your favorite piece. Leave a comment here telling me about it and include your email address (for your safety, spell out the email address to protect yourself from evil spammers). If you'd like, tell me about the little girl in your life that you'd like to give the bangle to and why. The contest is open until Saturday, November 14 at 11:59 pm EST and the winner will be announced via email on by November 17. Chany and Estee are also offering Mama Fashionista readers a 10% discount on any purchase at Bebe Bling! Just enter the promo code "POSHBABY10" at check out. If you're anything like me (and my little ones) you'll definitely want to take advantage of this offer and start building a covet worthy collection for the little divas in your life!

Oh... And please don't think that with all this attention to LS, PS is getting slighted. Brace yourselves, because her time is coming! 'Til next time...

Fashion Forever...


BTW- The winner of the butter LONDON giveaway was Valerie Hoffmann! Congratulations to her and thank you all so very much for participating. Keep in mind, the more people who read (and leave comments) the more access I have to lovely people who are willing to give me goodies to give to you!


  1. Hi there! I don't have any kids (and don't really want any kids) but I have a 3-year-old niece and I'd love to give the Butterfly Kisses bangle to her. I went to the web site and actually the bangle IS my favorite piece. Thanks for the giveaway!

    your faithful reader,

  2. I love the Charming Charm Bracelet!! i have my eye set on it for my little 2 yr old daughter! she HAS to have a bracelet on each hand every day or she cant "deal" hahahha! She already has the i <3 U bangle and we'd love to add to our collection!!



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